Who Painted My Cow?

Sometimes curiosity wins. Our church’s youth group worked hard in the intense Texas heat to scrape and paint the Cross-Dubya’s pipe fencing over the two days they were here. As the team shared, listened, learned and laughed—a few managing to get more paint on them than the fence—all had a good time. On Saturday evening, Read More >

A Stronger Fence

One thousand five hundred four feet of 2 7/8-inch drill stem, posts eight-foot on center and sunk five-foot deep; each encased in 160 pounds of concrete. Welded top-rail and a sucker rod bottom join each post to the other. We welded the 16-foot heavy-gauge steel panels across top, bottom, and sides. Standing five-feet tall, let Read More >

Knowing the Difference

Putting on my sage old rancher hat, here’s an axiom I hope you’ll remember; “Your destination is determined by who’s driving.” The greatest lesson I’ve learned since starting the Cross-Dubya ranch is the calmer you remain, the easier it is to get to where you want to go. Whether that’s driving cows into the barn Read More >