A Zoomie Joy

Decidedly not referring to U.S. Air Force Academy graduates, the “Zoomies” I’m referring to begin every spring when the new calves are just under a month old. They’ll continue until weaning time. How do I best describe a “zoomie”? The unrestrained release of overflowing joy.

It’s what happens when a cool morning mixes with complete security and a full tummy that fuels an overwhelming burst of carefree, joyous energy. All that joy must go somewhere, and with calves, it comes out as “Zoomies.” I can almost tell you the exact second they kick in. The head goes down, the back legs tense, a small shudder throughout the body, and the fun is about to begin.

(Click here to watch a short video)

Soon, the calf, and most often several calves, are hightailing it back and forth across the pasture or running circles around the mamas. These brief outbursts of energy always bring a smile to my face. The video is of little “Maria Elena”, about three weeks old, taken around 6:30am. She had finished nursing not more than a minute or two earlier, and as soon as she trotted over to visit her half-brother “Deuce”, they kicked in.

When joy fills us to overflowing, it moves us to action. #ZoomiesForGod #JoyLeadsToAction Share on X

Watching the calves frolic and play, interrupted by those sudden outbursts of energy they can’t contain, I could feel Christ’s joy rising within me. Soon, my earlier concerns faded away, and I focused on living carefree in that moment rather than on all that was happening in this world around me. While my frolicking and playing days are long over, I sure appreciate how God can fill my soul with the joy of His presence. And when He does, it naturally spills out of me.

I smile often, am more patient with folks, and exhibit a gentler spirit. We cannot contain a joyous spirit; we must set it free and become a contagion of light into the world.

There was another lesson the Holy Spirit showed me as I leaned against the fence and enjoyed watching the calves play and zoom around the pasture with wild abandon. My “God nudge” was noticing the yearlings and mamas. While they might join in the fun for a few moments, the yearlings focused more on foraging and munching on the dew-covered grasses. The mamas’ interest was in getting off their feet for a while and resting as they ruminated. I thought about how we Christians are like my cattle.

When spiritually young, and freshly filled with the Holy Spirit, we run around and excitedly tell everyone we know about Jesus. Watching the calves, I thought about Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 3:1-3. Filled with the joy of salvation, we run and play in our newfound freedom. We hungrily consume God’s Word and while we may not yet know how to apply it to our lives, we revel in His newfound love. If they are fortunate, these infants in the faith are discipled and taught the basics of their faith, from which they grow.

Looking at my yearlings, I considered how their focus on growth was a metaphor for how Christians mature spiritually. Not only do they read God’s Word, but they also begin looking for ways to apply it in their lives. The joy of their salvation somehow becomes tempered with time and set aside or ignored in pursuit of other aspects of faith. I considered how 1 Corinthians 13:11 applies to this stage of our spiritual journey.

Last, I pondered how my mama cows represented us more mature Christians. That doesn’t mean old, but more that we’ve moved from our spiritual infancy and have learned how to apply and live out God’s Word in our lives. Many have become teachers to those young Christians coming up behind them. We find ourselves better able to control and use the joy within us to share our faith with others and steel us during the tough challenges that life brings. We spend more time meditating and ruminating on God’s Word, so we get the maximum benefit from every bite we take.

In every stage of spiritual maturity, we should allow the joy of our salvation to inspire us to action. As we grow in Christ, we learn to control our “spiritual zoomies” and focus them on kingdom work rather than running around with no clear destination or purpose.

Our spiritual lives should be like a flowing river. We need to move forward, or we’ll stagnate and dry up.

Whatever stage of spiritual maturity you’re in, I pray the joy of Christ fills you and moves you to unrestrained actions that bring glory to God as you share His love with others. May your joy overflow into others as you zoom through your week.

God’s blessings,


29 thoughts on “A Zoomie Joy”

  1. Marjorie Hill

    Love the zoomies! Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the way you’ve included all ages. I must admit I miss the energy I once had but that’s okay. In this season I still love to tell the Story of Jesus and His Love! Blessings!

    1. You bet, Ms. Marjorie. As to your comment of “I still love to tell the Story of Jesus and His Love”, I thought about how His gospel story has become richer and our testimony of His love stronger because we have become evidence of His power to change us. When people that knew us before Jesus meet us again, the visible change in our life is so evident. And if He can make those changes in our lives, imagine what He can do in yours. Amen, my friend. Amen!

  2. The video you shared here, J. D., is precious, and your analogy, once again, is spot-on in reflecting Christian growth. May we never lose the enthusiasm for God’s Word from the moment we accept Jesus, but mature in our faith and keep His light burning for all to see.

  3. There are some days when I feel a bubble of joy deep inside. it’s a wonderful feeling and seems to happen unexpectedly. I can’t say I frolic around, but I lean into it. I love the lessons you share from your animals.

    1. Thank you Ms. Ann. Like you, I think my frolic wore out many years ago, but like you, when I feel His joy welling up inside me, I’ve learned to embrace and hold on tightly because I know something good is coming. God’s blessings my faith-filled friend.

  4. One can frolic in spirit as easily as some frolic in body. I think I prefer the Spirit frolic best of all 🙂

  5. Kathy Collard Miller

    Such a beautiful example of our joy and enthusiasm in the Lord!

    You go, you zoomie-ers! Bravo!

  6. I remember those days of young calves–they seem so full of joy. Your message is a wonderful analogy of our growth as Christians. We need to keep some of each stage in our ministry of service–joy in living, an exuberant enthusiasm for serving our Lord, knowledge and wisdom, a desire to mentor our young disciples, etc. Love your lessons from the ranch, my friend. You’ve blessed us today.

  7. What a beautiful message! Love seeing the video of the “zoomies”. I pray that the excitement and joy found in the Lord will pour out and show others His love. Have a blessed week dear friend! 🙂

  8. As soon as I saw your title, I wondered if this was the zoomie I’ve become so familiar with. With a new pug puppy, Winston, the zoomies have come back to visit our family and home. I love how you described the joy of running with complete abandon. I want to continue in complete abandon folloiwng Jesus, but still mature in my faith and joy spiritually. Not losing sight of my deep, inner joy in Christ and letting it well up in me, drawing strength from the Holy Spirit to spread the Good News. Excellent piece as usual.

  9. Zoomies, alone is enough to make me smile. I’m glad this outward expression now has a perfect description.
    The zoomies I experience are much less coherent now than they ever were.

  10. This is such a great post! I smiled and nodded in agreement throughout. We enjoy watching our Doodle get the zoomies, and now, when he zips around a corner, I’ll remember your words of wisdom. Thanks, J.D.

  11. Thanks for “taking me to the farm” to experience your source of inspiration for this excellent blog post. We had a few minutes of rain this morning and it was glorious. First I’ve seen in a while. Hope it finds you.

  12. What fun! Reminds me of when my kids were little and I wished I could bottle up their energy. Your different stages of cattle maturity are a great analogy to Christian maturity as we grow in Christ.

  13. My dog Strider loves to leap and zoom around our yard. Enjoyed your video, post, and analogy. I’m one of the older ones now who find more joy ruminating than zipping around.

  14. So sorry to be late to the party again, Brother–was tied up all day yesterday and didn’t get to my email till way late last night. Anyhow, I’m so glad that get to start my day with such an uplifting post. After watching that debacle of a debate last night, a reminder of the joy that God has infused into every developmental segment of our lives was just the prescription I needed. My takeaway was just what I think you had in mind. That is that the joy, the sense of gratitude to just be alive, and the compelling urge to yield ourselves to the energy it produces is the same, but how it gets expressed evolves as we grow. As you probably assume, I don’t kick up my heels and run around the pasture–or anywhere else– anymore, but like you, I still feel the joy and that special kind of energy that motivates me to do what I can to express how wonderful it is to just be alive and in His presence. What a contrast that is to the picture I had of what a “Christian” was early in my life. I saw God as a grumpy old man who delighted in punishing people who didn’t do what He said. The “Christians” I was exposed to in those random times when we actually went to church were mostly silent, somber, and subdued–not the kind of persona that I found appealing. If being like that was what a Christian was, I didn’t want be one.
    Now, when I get to gather with a few thousand other redeemed sinners and worship the One who loved us like no other could and gave us life that never ends, like the smiles that come pouring past the door where Diane and I do our greeting, the joy seems just as endless and irrepressible as it did when I first realized that Jesus had taken all the condemnation my wretched life had earned and made me part of His family forever.
    Thank you for that invitation out to the pasture and for allowing another one of us old bulls to remember again what it was like to be young and to frolic around again with this year’s crop of little zoomies. 🙂 We love you, Brother, and rejoice in the things God teaches you at the Cross-Dubya Seminary.

  15. I love those “zoomies”! and I loved your comparisons of Christians at different stages of their lives with Jesus! I’m so thankful that I was well-mentored and taught as a new Christian, and that God continues to grow me in His word. Praise the Lord He always finishes the work He begins in us, even through those times we resist or get lazy and complacent!

  16. I used to love when my dog got the zoomies. It was often after she’d been bathed. The joy was definitely contagious. I bet she’s running circles around heaven right now. Always love the parallels you draw between the happenings on the farm and our spiritual lives.

  17. Aww, so sweet! Our poodle always got the zoomies after a bath, too. So darn cute! I also love the analogy of the cows to mature Christians. As a mama cow nurses her calf, so we “Pauls” teach and give the milk of the word to our “Timothys.” Blessings, dear friend.

  18. I loved this, J.D.! The Zoomies video brought a smile to my face and heart. It does the body good to see inner joy that overflows. I pray to hold onto that exuberant love for the Lord, while at the same time maturing as a steadfast follower of Jesus. Excellent analogies!

  19. Yvonne Morgan

    Oh to have the strength for zoomies these days. I still try to “walkies” my excitement over my faith because it is such a wonderful treasure I want to share. Thanks JD for another wonderful ranch lessons.

  20. Just last night our 8-year-old red and white Irish setter got the zoomies. He cracks me up running back and forth, flipping his toy up in the air until he wears himself out. One can’t help but smile. The action generates a feeling of joy, as you mentioned. As like one of the mature mama cows, I feel that zoomie-like joy at times when I pray, knowing how much God has done for me, how His blessings have poured forth. It is difficult to contain in my heart but I know, He knows. No, I don’t (nor can I) run around with exuberance, but I smile and (like Mary) ponder it in my heart. That is enough.

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