Separation Anxiety

At our Cross-Dubya ranch, when calves reach six to seven months old, it’s time to wean them from their mamas. This is an important step in a cow-calf operation as mama cows are usually bred again and need time to recover during the last half of their gestation. Of all the times in a cow’s Read More >

Avoiding the Venom

A few days after shoulder surgery, I ventured outside to look at my fur babies (the barn cats), livestock, and visit with my old buddy “Bubba” the chocolate lab. With the nerve block removed and full of “happy pills”, it had been a few days since I saw my favorite ranch hand. It startled me Read More >

Adjusting Our Words

I’ve received many blessings since starting my journey to become a Christian writer. All the wonderful writing friends God has brought into my life is among the greatest. Their encouragement, guidance, counsel, and especially their prayers hold a special place in my heart. I pray daily for my “Writing friends, editors, and publishers.” Each morning, Read More >

Grateful for Little

Have you heard, or used, the expression; Something is better than nothing? Try telling that to a farmer or rancher who gets less than one-third of his normal harvest. This year, because of much more rainfall than normal winters and springs, the hay harvest at the Cross-Dubya ranch was delayed by two months. This resulted Read More >

The Man in the Mirror

One of the greatest blessings I’ve discovered since becoming a Christian writer is the friendship and fellowship of this diverse community. Be it writers conferences, social media, or other places, God has expanded my world with wonderful, supportive, encouraging friends. More, He has brought teachers and mentors into my life who’ve helped me to grow Read More >

Let Freedom Ring

As we prepare to celebrate America’s Independence Day, many of us are looking forward to time spent with family and friends. Be it a cookout, camping, day at the beach, or just fishing along a lazy, quiet river bank. At some point our thoughts will, and should, turn to our freedom. I encourage my fellow Read More >

Mirror Images

Last fall, I took a photo of Frances (aka “Baby”; and yes, Diane loves the movie Dirty Dancing) and Uno, the first calf born here on the Cross-Dubya. As they lay together on a sunny afternoon, it struck me how much mother and daughter look alike. With the exception of being two and a half Read More >

Greener Pastures

In December, my friend and neighbor placed forty five steers in the pasture next to mine as part of his annual gain program. Gain, for non-ranchers, is helping yearling steers get ready for the feedlot or auction by placing them in an environment that maximizes their growth potential. These programs allow steers to gain between Read More >

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