Angels and Demons

With their hackles (neck feathers) flared, the duel is about to begin. “Thank you, Angel” has become the most uttered phrase around the Cross-Dubya these days, spoken at least twice each time I visit the chickens. As my little flock has grown into mature producers, I’ve noticed their unique characters. These traits led to their names.

Rather than individual names, I’ve named them by breed. I named the gentle Buff Orpingtons—large, cream-colored hens—“Goldie.” My smallish, pristine Welsummer hens with the high-pitched voices are all “Miss Prissy.” And yes, my American Leghorn chickens are all “Foghorn.” As for my roosters, apart from little “Boots”, the bantam Cochin, I chose “Roo 1” and “Roo 2” for my identical Black Copper Marans. That was until their personalities came out.

Today, I know them as “Satan” and “Angel.” Let me explain. It was clear from the time they had feathered one of the two large roosters was more dominant. “Roo 1”, as I first named him, became the flock’s alpha male and the self-imposed Guardian of the Flock. Having roosters in the flock is a good thing, as they keep the hens more relaxed. However, when “Roo 1” decided I was the enemy, he has made it his personal mission to keep me away from his flock. That was his first mistake.

A good life lesson for all of us is that you should never attack the hand that feeds, waters, and protects you. Especially when he’s an old guy who uses a walking stick to get around. When you attack him, you will get knocked across the barnyard!

As you might imagine, I renamed “Roo 1” to “Satan.” Not because he’s mean, but because of the way he attacks me. Like Satan, he doesn’t fight fair. “Satan” the rooster waits until I’ve gone past, or he’ll maneuver himself behind me and then attack from behind. In time, I learned to keep my head on a swivel, and I can usually catch him with my walking stick before he gets close to me. At least fifteen times, I’ve left him unconscious. I’ve thought I killed him a few times as my blow hit his head and not his torso. As his crumpled body lays limp on the ground for thirty seconds or more, I no longer feel remorse. Once he awakens, he’ll stumble around for a minute or two and then go on his way and leave me alone until our next encounter.

Like Satan and his demons, they never learn. No matter how many times you successfully resist them, they’ll wait until you least expect it and attack again.

No matter how many times we fend off Satan’s attacks, he always returns for one more try. #FightWithFaith #WithstandTheAttacks Share on X

“Satan’s” second mistake was thinking he could get away with it. Enter “Angel.” The more docile of the two, formerly known as “Roo 2”, had a unique crow/voice that always ended with a wheezing sound. I read that this was the sound of air rushing to fill his lungs because he expended it all when he crowed. Why “Angel”, some may ask? It came when one day he became my personal protector. As they matured, I noticed subtle differences in the two roosters’ combs. “Satan’s” comb is carnation type, but the rear fingers (as I call them) are conjoined where “Angels” are separated. That, and their personality, has become my quickest way to tell them apart. Back to angels and demons.

As I mentioned, “Angel” has become my personal barnyard protector. Whether it’s because he recognizes I’m the guy who brings them mealworms or a cold watermelon treat now and again, or he just likes me, he’s got my back. These days when I open the gate to the chicken yard (the fenced off half of our backyard (a 75’x250’ area), “Angel” patrols the zone. He zeroes in on “Satan” and as soon as “Satan” even looks my way, “Angel” flies into action.

Intercepting him, he’ll chase “Satan” clear to the other end of the enclosure. “Angel” makes it a point to position himself between me and “Satan”, ready to intercede to protect me from harm. When “Satan” is persistent in his desire to attack me, he’s often met with high spurs and hackles up. When “Satan” starts coming my way, often before I’m even aware of it, “Angel” intercedes. They fight for a few seconds and “Satan” has always come out on the losing end. Watching this all-too-common occurrence one afternoon while feeding a snack of frozen peas, the words of Psalm 91:11 came to mind.

For He shall give His angels charge over you,
To keep you in all your ways.
(Psalm 91:11, NKJV)

Did God lead my wheezy, docile rooster to become my barnyard protector? I like to think so. I believe that is just like Abba, my God, and my friend, to show me He cares for me. Even in a barnyard in Podunk, Texas, where no one but Him and me sees His work on my behalf.

God shows up in the places we look for Him. #SeekGod #GodProtects Share on X

Whatever the reason, I make it a point to say “Thank you, Angel” after each intervention. I also pause to thank God for his wonderful supply of lessons here on our Cross-Dubya ranch. Fourteen years ago, I don’t think I could have ever imagined how much God would teach me through the natural world He would place us in.

I pray that you too look to see where God has placed angels in your life to watch over and protect you. Looking back on my life, I recognize where He’s sent an army of angels to protect me since childhood. Some were never seen. I never knew them as angels, but their presence preserved me for Him. When has God placed an angel in your life?

God’s blessings,

28 thoughts on “Angels and Demons”

  1. J.D., I had to smile at your chicken descriptions. Satan seems a fitting name for that rooster. I did actually laugh seeing you whomp him with that stick. That’s what a Satan deserves. What an amazing lesson you have shared with us as God did send you a protector. Psalm 91 is a favorite scripture of mine. Chickens or other dangers, the Angel of the Lord watches over us.

  2. J.D., you accurately described the small flock dynamics. Why just only a few months ago, we had what I called a daily “crow fest.” Five roosters, with four of them just juveniles growing into their crowing voices. They were a noisy bunch to say the least. I was happy to give the youngsters a new home.

    One of my 2026 Guideposts devo’s for “All God’s Creatures” deals with how the crowing reminds me of Peter’s denial of our Lord three times. For me, it is a gut check opportunity to make sure my head and my heart are fixed on Jesus.

  3. Marjorie Hill

    The skirmishes continue even though the battle is won. What a great illustration with Angel and Demon. I love that the gentle, quieter rooster is your protector! Great parable here! Blessings.

  4. Dottie Rogers

    Ooh! Your story reminded me of when I was attacked by my pet bantam Rooster, Oscar. I was 5 years old, playing on the ground in the backyard when Oscar jumped on my head. His spurs dug into my scalp, and I ran screaming to the house with blood spurting from my wounds. Mama literally wrung his neck and eliminated the possibility of a second attack. Promptly addressing the enemy’s assault is better than waiting to see if it might be different (easier) next time.

  5. Oh there have been too many times God sent an angel to protect or guide me! I am grateful for them all. I love the way you describe the way satan and angels work in our lives through these two amazing roosters!

  6. Kathy Collard Miller

    Love the reminder of how sneaky and mean Satan is. He doesn’t play fair and we must recognize his subtle lies. Are the arrows of thoughts and beliefs from God or Satan? Thank you, JD, for the prompt.

  7. Loved your message today, my friend–a wonderful analogy of God’s love and protection and the deviousness of the devil. We are so blessed that our Lord is always ready to protect and defend. Those messages our Father sends us through the lessons we learn from his creation are filled with His wisdom. Thank you, sir, for reminding us that our Lord and Protector is in charge.

  8. I’m finding that God faithfully meets us where we are and reveals His truth in ways that we can see and understand, J. D. Yes, I know His angels have intervened on my behalf in many ways and on many occasions. They might not look like the angels we have envisioned in Bible stories, yet their missions are the same – to protect and guide His precious children.
    May your “Angel” continue to protect you, my friend!

  9. Like everyone else, I absolutely love the windows you open when you sit down at a keyboard. First, we get fascinating glimpses into what life on a ranch looks like, which many have not seen and cannot accurately imagine. That’s always a fun trip in and of itself, but it’s not all we get. We also get glimpses into the heart of God and a display of how God personally interacts with those who devote their everyday lives to Him and not just a few hours (if that much) sitting on a church pew once in a while. In both cases, the greatest “Teacher” the world has ever known calls class into session. A couple of lessons that hit home to me during today’s session.

    Like you, I’ve known what it is to have a device to help me walk at times in my life. I never smacked a rooster with it, but if I’m ever attacked by a satanic emissary with feathers, at least now I’ll know what to do. What was instructive for me in this case was the reminder that I’m not defenseless when the real “Satan” comes sneaking up on me. When God said “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world,” He wasn’t kidding. The enemy is strong and if left to our own defenses, in a confrontation with him, we’re doomed. Thank God, we aren’t left on our own to confront his sneak attacks.

    Another thing that was tremendously encouraging to me was that you didn’t have to train, command, or control “Angel.” He didn’t need your help or your direction to engage the adversarial rooster. He did it on his own without your bidding because God built it into him and as you made clear, Angel was aware of Satan’s intent and maybe saw what was coming and moved to intervene before you did. What an incredible encouragement that was to me, and I hope to multitudes of others.

    So, God bless you, Brother. You have once again raised the blind and opened the window on a wonderfully enlightening scene taking place on a unique ranch in Texas where life takes place in two realms at the same time–much love and appreciation from your fans, friends, and family in Middle Tennessee.

  10. As always your post was a joy to read, stirring up reels of rooster antics in my mind’s eye.
    Your analogy with Satan’s antics is spot on.
    I’m always grateful knowing that God dispatches angels to protect and assist His children. I’m confident that occurs more often than we might think.

  11. Your descriptions make me feel like I’m right there in the yard with you. I had to laugh while reading about you and your walking stick and how you use it at times. God’s creations are amazing. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Have a blessed week dear friend! You are loved! 🙂

  12. So many times in my life have I experience attacks from the devil & his demons (as we all have)…. Those attacks have made me more aware now and have taught me to grow closer to my angel/heavenly father as He is the only one who can truly protect me. I keep a look out but He keeps the hedge up! I love this J.D. Thank you for sharing!

  13. What a story! The description really pulled me into reading more. Your animals and stories around the ranch lend themselves to such wonderful spiritual analogies. Glad you have Angel as your protector since Satan insists on daily attacks. Psalm 91 is one of my favorite scriptures to mediate on and pray over my family and loved ones. God bless you!

  14. What an amazing lesson from these 2 roosters! Thank you, J.D.I’m so thankful God’s angels protect us and that your angel rooster protects you!!

  15. We used to have a Rhode Island Red hen who would sneak up behind us and peck us, and it hurt! She never did it to Larry. Enjoyed your story and am thankful God give His angels charge concerning us!

  16. Yvonne Morgan

    They sound like quite the pair and a great example of the attacks of the enemy of our faith. They (and you) paint an educational picture. Thanks for sharing JD

  17. That’s quite a show they put on in the chicken yard! Your vivid descriptions made me feel likeI was there. Powerful analogy about Satan and demons. The battle is real. Thank God, Jesus is victorious!

  18. Having a little rooster to protect you from Satan is so sweet. I didn’t know a rooster would take to a human that way. Mostly, I’ve only witnessed roosters fighting each other until one of them either got pecked to death or surrendered.

    Great spiritual analogy, too. If we could only see into the spirit world, I suppose we would faint from the sight. I’m just thankful to God that His angels protect me when Satan or his demons attack–always when we least expect it. And you’re right–Satan fights dirty and preys on our weak spots. Thank you, Lord, for sending us Your holy angels to fight off the enemy! Wishing you a blessed week, dear friend.

  19. Annetta Balbarona

    Always enjoy your writings. This particular one was exceptionally good! I suppose it is because I can relate it to Pastor Adrian’s roosters/hens. He too has a rooster that attacks and has even jumped on his back to attack him! But, like our Lord, Pastor Adrian continues to care for him every day. So thankful we have “angels” about us to intervene even when we are not aware of the danger and that our Lord cares for us!
    God bless you!

  20. Amazing what your roosters can teach us all! The enemy never tires of trying to get at us. Day after day, he will try to wear us down, break us down, until he takes us down. I am so grateful we have a Protector. I read Psalm 91:11 earlier this morning and am grateful the Lord covers us and keeps us safe. I also love when the Lord repeats a Scripture in a short period of time to make sure I got the message 🙂 Thank you for being the messenger this morning, J.D.!

  21. If we keep our eyes open, God is always revealing Himself through the natural world He created. Thanks, J.D., for sharing these stories for those of us who haven’t spent time on a ranch. Enlightening!

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