J.D. Wininger

Follower of God, Writer,
Speaker, and Friend

May all joy be yours;
May all glory be God's.

– J.D. Wininger

Romans 15:13

Meet The Author

JD Wininger

J.D. Wininger is an award-winning business writer and speaker who has authored hundreds of books and manuals, and thousands of contract-winning proposals by applying his God-given talents for writing and communicating throughout his career. He has written dozens of articles for national magazines, CBN.com, and contributed to several books during his career. Since retiring in 2011 to become a gentleman farmer and rancher in northeast Texas, J.D. applies his spiritual gifts and talents to teach compelling lessons in faith, write heartfelt devotionals, and author nonfiction works in pursuit of increasing discipleship in Jesus Christ. A semi-retired consultant and copywriter, He and his wife Diane spend much of their time sharing God’s love through service in nearby communities. When not tending his cattle, Magic the donkey, Bubba the chocolate lab, an ever-growing number of barn cats, or doing chores, J.D. enjoys spending time researching, discovering, and glorifying his Lord.

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A prayer for my readers, visitors, and friends

Father, I thank you for each person who visits my web site, reads my writing, and follows your guidance in their lives. I ask you to bless each of them by opening their hearts and minds to the urgings of the Holy Spirit and helping them to surrender to your will in their lives. May those precious people who read my words recognize your voice, your will, your mercy, your grace, and your love in their lives. I pray each reader, visitor, and friend be emboldened to live their life for you Father. May all joy be theirs; and may all glory be yours Lord. In Jesus’ precious name I pray. Amen

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