My Travel Companion

Whether driving around the farm in my ATV or heading to the feed store, almost every trip finds my faithful traveling companion at my side. Bubba the chocolate lab has become a fixture in the seat beside me. In my ATV, he noses his way under my arm and lays his head on my chest. Read More >


Recently, I talked with a dear young friend of mine. She’s the CEO of a fast-growing defense electronics company. What makes this company so special is their commitment to sharing God’s love in this world. What makes this young woman so special is her commitment to ensuring the company honors God in everything they do. Read More >

My Father’s Son

On the morning of January 29, 2019, God blessed me as never before. My dad walked by as I was lamenting my sciatica while preparing to go feed the livestock. I commented how God was showing me what it was like to be his age. I had to sit to pull my trousers on and Read More >

Colors of Love

Have you ever been humbled after being around someone else? Not intimidated by them. Not overwhelmed by their prowess or talent; but taken aback by their selflessness, humility, and dedication. That’s what I come away with after spending time with my best friend. I am humbled; thinking how all I think I do to bring Read More >


I sit atop a hill near the western edge of my property; facing east. Whenever we can, my buddy “Bubba the chocolate lab” and I steal away for a few undistracted moments with God. Often, it’s after we’ve fed the livestock as dawn breaks over the ranch. I watch the sunrise and spend some quiet Read More >

That’s My Church!

In January, my friend Mr. Charlie Sickles traveled to the Philippines to visit schools and churches he and his wife (Ms. Melba) planted years ago. Fruitful Harvest International Ministries (, started by our friends Charlie and Ms. Melba in 1991, is a God-honoring mission. They provide and support food pantries, prison ministries, international missions and Read More >

Come Spring

Farmers and ranchers spend our winters anticipating the coming of spring. As cold winter days and sometimes-frigid nights give way to milder temperatures, we see signs of spring’s arrival all around us. Storm fronts replace cold fronts. Pastures begin their “green up” as the rye grass and clover sprout. The dreary landscape of grays and Read More >

The Need for Hay

I continue learning many things about farming and ranching; sometimes the hard way. One of my latest lessons is don’t sell hay until you know for certain you can meet your own needs. I don’t regret selling hay this past spring to my regular customers. Nor do I regret selling it for the same price Read More >

How Far We’ve Come

I read an article published in The New American by Mr. Bob Unger, entitled Requiem for America? (you can find this article at This well-written article stirred strong emotions in me. I try to practice what God’s word teaches me; I am to deal with my anger not with righteous indignation but with prayer. Read More >

Going Home

I’m posting two days early this week. We leave early tomorrow morning to take my dad home to Florida. It’s bittersweet as I’m happy his health has improved so much in the past year. We found causes for some of his longtime medical problems, many of which we’ve addressed. My sadness comes from feeling I’ve Read More >

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