Baby Steps

On December 15th, “Prancer” the little heifer was born. Normally, Diane names all the calves; but I texted the photo of the frost-covered newborn to my sister who showed it to her two granddaughters. After the expected oohs and aahs, I told them if they could agree on a name, I would give them the Read More >

The Texture of Our Words

In April, my friend Mrs. Patty Schell ( published a post entitled Knit One, Purl Two. In it, she pondered how God’s word tells us He created us as she knitted little baby cocoons (chrysalides) for new arrivals in her family later this spring. She spoke about running her hands over the garment as she Read More >

Heart Hugs

If you’ve followed along with my Christian writing journey, you have no doubt heard or read about my Heart Hugs. I’m addicted to receiving these blessings from God and treasure them more each day. They’re an important part of my spiritual life. I thought today might be a good time to introduce you to this Read More >

A Little Consideration Please

Feeding livestock can be an adventure. I’ve learned to keep my head on a swivel and to never lean over a cow’s head. This morning, Lulu Belle, one of my prized yearlings, decided she wouldn’t wait for me to pour feed buckets into the bunk feeder, she would just help herself. She stepped on my Read More >

Magic Needs a Girlfriend

During calving season, I had to place “Magic the Donkey” into a timeout (here’s that post). Chasing new calves is not acceptable and while I suspect he thought them small predators, his actions presented a huge risk. I placed an ad on Craigslist for a Jenny. Jennies are female and are often much calmer, having Read More >

Cleaning Up My Act

Earlier this year, my friend Ms. Katy published a series of blog posts that caused me to take a long look at myself. They caused me to look at where I‘m at in my life from lots of different perspectives. My spiritual life takes precedence, followed by my family life. Then work, writing, social media, Read More >

The Renewal of Spring

Driving from the mailbox one afternoon last month, Bubba and I stopped to note the beauty all around us. As we drove down the gravel drive bisecting our two front pastures, we could see spring was fixin’ to be in full bloom. The Hairy Vetch with its delicate purple flowers, crimson and white cloud clover, Read More >

My Audience

In March, I was blessed to attend the Carolina Christian Writers Conference in Spartanburg, SC. It was a busy two days of learning, wonderful worship, networking, meeting with editors and agents, and making new friends. I left, filled with lots of memories, more people to pray for, a few action items, and a mind full Read More >

My Travel Companion

Whether driving around the farm in my ATV or heading to the feed store, almost every trip finds my faithful traveling companion at my side. Bubba the chocolate lab has become a fixture in the seat beside me. In my ATV, he noses his way under my arm and lays his head on my chest. Read More >


Recently, I talked with a dear young friend of mine. She’s the CEO of a fast-growing defense electronics company. What makes this company so special is their commitment to sharing God’s love in this world. What makes this young woman so special is her commitment to ensuring the company honors God in everything they do. Read More >

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