Surprises & Trust: Is God Enough?

What a blessing to introduce one of my favorite writing friends to y’all this week. I’ll always remember this cheerful little woman walking up to me at a writer’s conference in SC as I was overwhelmed at all the busyness of so many well-known authors. “Are you J.D.”, she asked with a smile while extending Read More >

Culling the Herd

As much as I try to forget this when caring for our livestock, ranching is a business; and sometimes circumstances require tough business decisions. Like any business venture, good managers look at data, consider profit and loss, and decide to either continue investing or end the endeavor. Managing a cattle herd is no different. In Read More >

Amber Waves of Grain

I’ve learned a lot about farming since I retired. Much has come from reading and studying the science of farming. When I combined that learning with the common sense guidance of many “old timers”, it has helped me to produce some amazing harvests. Take winter wheat for example. Managed correctly, you can use it to Read More >