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Who could have ever guessed the dusty old farmer was once a polyglot. What mysterious keys does his past hold to explain his multi-versed abilities? And how does Hugh Lofting play into this? Something I’ve noticed with all our barn babies is that love has a unique language.

A hot meal awaiting me when I come inside, a calf born, or kittens tucked under Bubba’s tummy on a winter’s night; the Cross-Dubya expresses love in many ways. One of my favorites is listening as a mama cow and calf share their unique love language from the moment of birth. As soon as a calf is born, mamas and their babies communicate; lowing a special song to each other as only they can. When introducing the new calf into the herd (The Welcoming), each cow shares its unique voice with the new arrival. A few weeks ago, I wrote about “Maria” (aka “Half Pint”) and how I imprinted her; much the way God imprints us. I wanted to explore that with you a bit more today.

A blessing that semi-retirement and this viral pandemic brought is that I’ve been around when nearly every calf was born for the past two years. In that time, I noticed something that I suspect most ranchers never even consider. Each pair (mama cow and her calf) have a distinctive love language all their own. Their unique voice carries into adulthood; so much so that when a cow in my small herd calls out, I can often tell which one it is.

How many of you have already recalled verses from John, chapter 10? “To him the doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. And when he brings out his own sheep, he goes before them; and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice.” (John 10:3-4, NKJV)

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As these verses raced through my mind, I realized how cow and calf create this same bond. It’s why as calves get older, their mamas can call for them from across the pasture and they’ll come running. They know their mother’s voice. In the same way, when a calf cries out (even during the weaning process at six months old) only their mama lifts her head and comes to investigate. Isn’t it comforting to know that God can pick out our unique voice when we call out for His help, comfort, and guidance.

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Have you guessed who Hugh Lofting was yet? Before you Google™ it, he was the author of “The Story of Dr. Doolittle” in 1920; one of my favorite childhood books. Do I consider myself Doolittle-esque? Hardly. I do believe our animals understand love, compassion, kindness, and the other characteristics of Christ we exhibit in our lives. I pray that the people I meet do also; regardless of the language they speak.

Blessed with the ability to read and speak multiple languages in my life, one thing I can say for sure is that love is universal. Human, other mammal, or fowl, love crosses all barriers and overcomes all differences. First John 4:7-8 sums this up. “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” I pray you continue to find that unique love language that you and Christ alone share. As our Creator God, He is multi-versed and can create a love language that just the two of you can enjoy.

God’s blessings,



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44 thoughts on “Love Languages”

  1. This article recalls a scene I wrote in WIP where a newborn due to tragedy bonds with a couple after his mother dies. Love, indeed, knows no bounds. Good work, sir.

  2. JD, Always so uplifting and comforting. I always love being reminded that He knows our voice and We know His. What a treasure!

  3. The Dr. Doolittle books were some of my favorites growing up, so I knew who Hugh Lofting was right away, J. D. And yes, love is God’s language, one we can all hear and recognize when our hearts are open to listen. It’s so amazing how He has made that imprint on all His creatures. What a mighty God we serve!

  4. I love this!! It’s a beautiful thing to see God’s love expressed in the mama cow and calf just like with a human baby and mama which I was blessed to experience 3 times and now see with my grandchildren and their mamas. I am seeking daily to become more fluent in God’s love language and to recognize His voice more quickly.

  5. God’s love is imprinted on everything He made. I marvel at the love animals have for their little ones. God is amazing and I think we see it so clearly when we have the honor of caring for His creation–whether it is animals or people.

  6. I love how God can speak to us in every moment. From baby farm animals to beautiful blossoming flowers to friends, family, and strangers, God can use anything to show us his “love language”. What a wonderful message J.D.! 🙂

  7. We already know God’s great love for us when He sent His Son to save us, even in our unworthiness. But as you remind us, God shows His love to us on a daily basis in His own unique love language just for us. Because just as that mother cow recognizes her baby’s cry, God knows us just as well, as the special human being He created us to be. So enjoyed this message of love, my friend. Wishing you continued blessings.

  8. Love languages— love how you bring this concept home to us as a mamma knowing her baby. God uses any of the traditional five to communicate with because He knows us uniquely and intricately and knows which reaches us best at a particular moment. Thank you again.

    1. Aww… as your writing does to me Ms. Cathy. I’m certain it’s a function of our hearts my friend. When we write what God places into them, He uses our words to bless others.

  9. Love is universal, indeed.

    “…love crosses all barriers and overcomes all differences.”

    The simple truth of this sentence is more true than ever before because never before in my life have the barriers been more divisive in our country.

    And although I’ve certainly witnessed mother animals taking care of their baby animals, I’ve never thought of animals as having love languages. But they do! Once again, you’ve opened my eyes to something new when it comes to animals

    1. Absolutely Ms. Candyce. We are most certainly divided; and God’s word tells us these days would come. Our goal; remain strong in our faith and keep our eyes on the prize of His coming day. God’s blessing sweet lady. I’m sure proud to stand alongside you in proclaiming God’s love to the world.

  10. What a powerful image of God’s love and protection over us as evidenced in a calf recognizing the sound of its mama cow and that it will come running because of an instinctive trust factor. Love how you search for biblical truth throughout the course of your day on the ranch, JD!

    1. Thank you Ms. Mary. Since coming to the Cross-Dubya in 2013, God has been helping me seek and see more of His presence in my life. I’m so honored to be able to share bits of it with you and so many others. A great blessing indeed.

  11. This was a great follow-up to The Welcoming. I appreciate our weekly cattle lessons with fascinating applications and spiritual insights. You could do the bovine version of A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23. The Phillip Keller of cows.

  12. I learn a lot about cattle from your posts, J.D. And this was a perfect example of Jesus’ teaching about hearing His voice. He knows us as His children and even though there are millions of us, He knows each of us individually. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I thoroughly enjoy the depth of your observations, JD. Among my thoughts as I read this was how I’m instinctively drawn to people who bear the same “imprints” I’ve experienced in my life.

  14. I did not know about the languages of cows, really neat. God is so amazing to think He created all of these hints that we may never notice. Thanks for sharing your stories that teach us more and more bout our Heavenly Father.

  15. What a sweet story! Isn’t it wonderful how God created a special love language between a mother and her offspring? Here’s my story—When my second daughter Cait was born, I asked the nurses to keep her for an hour so I could nap. When I walked down the hall to get her rolling crib, I heard a pitiful baby crying like her heart was broken, and right away I knew. It was MY baby, and I instantly felt guilty. I began calling out to her from a distance, talking to her, and what happened next was amazing. She stopped crying and turned her head in my direction. Even at a day old, we knew each other’s voice.

    I also know that Jesus knows my voice, as His child, and we do share our own love language. Thanks for a charming post, J.D. Blessings, my friend.

  16. I’m not sure what is sweeter – that mama and baby cows have their own means of communication or that you recognize it! Your kindness oozes through. Oh, how God must smile upon your realization of Him in the chirps, moos, and barks on His namesake ranch.

    1. Very kind Ms. Karen, but I assure you, the love between mamas and babies can only be matched by the love God shares with us my friend. It’s that same love I see between you and your mama on Thursdays; and shared with your friends, neighbors, and community year round. God’s blessings sweet friend.

  17. This is so beautiful, J.D. Sorry it’s taken me so long to circle back around and leave my comment. I even read it a second time today, just now. Love IS universal. And so grateful our heavenly Father recognizes our unique voice when we call out to Him for any need.

    1. Amen Ms. Karen. To recognize that we are recipients of His endless love, grace, and mercy is blessing indeed ma’am. It often reminds me of how undeserving I am. But God my sweet friend. I too pray we exhibit His love in our loves so that others are encouraged to seek that same relationship with God.

  18. Hey, J.D.–what a good time I had reading this piece and revisiting aspects of my time as a counselor. I’ve sat with more people than I can recall who were struggling with some “love” issue. As usual, you are spot on with your affirmation that love crosses all kinds of boundaries and your reminder that love is a universal extension of the nature of His heart, and His attitude toward those He created–even in the animal world. The other thing that came to mind is how frustrating it is to try to deal with those for whom love is only a word with no operational definition, like those who only want to use it as a manipulative tool. One of the things I know about love and language is that both only apply to living things. No linguistic marvel (or so-called psychic) in the world can communicate with a corpse, and no demonstration of compassion, affection, or desire will extract a response from a lifeless body no matter how passionately we express it. This was a great thought provoking piece, J.D.–an inspirational reminder that the love we get to experience and see at work in others is a gift from the One who gave us the life it takes to see and feel it. Thanks again, my friend–and sorry to be so slow getting this out to you.

    1. Wow! Your comments sure hit home this week Mr. Ron. I too have seen, and sadly experienced, situations where love is wielded as an emotional weapon of sorts to manipulate others. Never what God intended love to be. Thank you so much for your sage wisdom and poignant comment sir; you’ve added greatly to our conversation. God’s blessings my friend.

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