Praying for America

How many of you pray each day for your local, state, and federal officials? Do you only pray for those you voted for, or each office; regardless of party or political slant? Troublesome questions for some. You’re not alone though; I struggle with it too. It’s hard to pray for socialist-leaning, abortion-supporting, sovereignty-stealing, Marxist idealists; but if I don’t, then I’m not honoring my commitment to Christ.

As a Bible-readin’, gun totin’, America-lovin’, Veteran-supportin’, God-fearin’ resident of the Bible Belt, it seems I’m viewed as a dinosaur; one who many hope will soon become extinct. Sorry to disappoint y’all, but while I don’t know when I’m going, I know where I’m going and that’s what matters most. And while I’m here, I’m praying I can help many of you join me in the journey.

In recent decades, I’ve watched the America I love become as divided and dysfunctional as it’s ever been. Worse perhaps than pre-1861. This stems not from socio-economic “haves” and “have nots” or racial injustice, but from turning our nation’s collective backs to the Judeo-Christian principles they founded our nation upon.

I may not always agree with everything other Americans believe or support, but I do agree they may think the way they do and express their beliefs. I and others fought (and many courageous people died) to give them the right to say and do what they deem is right. American liberty does not, however, give them the right to force their beliefs onto others. Nor does it give them the right to dismantle and destroy our Constitutional Republic.

I see efforts each day, through the news and “anti-social” media to replace, rewrite, and change our nation’s history to fit their narrative. Most Texans I know have three words for these attempts. “That ain’t right!” The America I grew up in has always stood as that beacon on a hill, shining the light of Christian freedom across the rest of the world. We led the 19th and 20th centuries in innovation, technological, and medical advancements; and have spent more of our tax dollars helping other nations and peoples than any country on Earth. “As the world’s wealthiest nation, the U.S. provides more help than any other country, but a smaller proportion of its gross national product (GNP) than other wealthy nations” (Brookings Institute). I wonder, with our substantial out-of-balance budget and deficit spending, how much of the $45B per year average (Foreign Aid Explorer, USAID, 2008-2018) in foreign aid are we borrowing?

America has always been a land of opportunity. The land of the free and the home of the brave. We have always reached out the olive branch of peace; and we’ve thrust our nation into war to protect the sovereignty of our nation and many others. America has always been among the first to help other nations, and we were the world’s moral compass that pointed to the goodness of God. Today’s humanistic world has determined that rather than America maintaining the mantle of leadership, freedom, liberty, and altruism that makes us unique, we are to become one of the crowd. If that happens, then who will fill that gap? They’ll be no one left.

The words of Pastor Martin Niemöller’s ‘First They Came…’ are echoing loudly in the halls of America. Share on X

I’ve been asking myself for the past two decades where the America I grew up in has gone. There are many events and decisions that I can point to, and if I had to pick just one it would be the moral decay of American society. And if, as so many are wont to do these days, I must assign blame, I point my finger in the mirror. Once holding our nation’s moral high ground, the Christian church long ago abdicated that role in favor of expanding government reach and its role in caring for its citizenry. Our forefathers didn’t design our nation to be a nanny state, but a beacon of God’s light to shine around the world while protecting the religious liberty our forefather’s sought.

Please understand, my purpose is not to shoot the wounded as evangelist Dr. Freddie Gage said. My goal is to implore all Christians to understand the role we have played in the moral decay of our nation. For too many years, we have remained silent and turned a blind eye to those controlled by their sin nature—spurred on by Satan and his ilk.

We don’t need to destroy the church from within; we need to build it back up through God’s word. Share on X

For decades, legislators we elected to represent us appear to be more interested in driving their own agenda. Their focus is on winning their next election, and building multi-million dollar empires on a salary that can’t come close to supporting that lifestyle. How many of you stop to wonder how Congressional representatives and senators leave office much richer than they were before taking office? When they enact new laws and ignore the Constitution in favor of being popular, then our government no longer honors the ideals of our founding fathers. They no longer honor the sacrifice of those who have died to protect those freedoms and liberties.

Many implore others to pray for our nation; and I encourage each of you to do just that. The “missing link” in our prayers is that the return of righteousness and Judeo-Christian values in America has to start with the Church. It has to start with each one of us. If the body of Christ can’t be of one accord, then how in the heck can we expect the rest of our nation and world to follow our example?

How can the church lead America back to a place of godly morality if we divide ourselves and allow immorality to exist within ourselves. Share on X

How do we correct this? We have to rebuild the body of Christ from the ground up. We do it using a building block approach; Self–Family–Church–Community–State–Nation–World. Second Chronicles 7:14 is being cited often these days. How many folks ever pay attention to the first three words; “if my people…”? God’s word here is calling out the body of Christ. We the church are His people. I contend that if we were truly His, then we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in!

I believe in America and the ideals and values we were founded upon, and I believe we can right this ship. America can again become a great nation, blessed by God; but we must forego our self-interests and pursue God’s will in our lives. We may fail, but our efforts will bless our lives and the lives of many around us. Let’s #MakeAmericaMoralAgain.

Please join me in praying for a great revival in our churches and a return to the founding principles of our nation. Two books I recommend are:

God’s blessings,



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40 thoughts on “Praying for America”

  1. JD I’ve asked myself those same questions. This was a well thought out presentation of the problems at hand which with two next generations in my family, I shake my head and drop to my knees. It has become far more than “play outside until the streetlights come on” that has changed but a battle for souls and minds. 1Tim 2:2 tells us to pray for all in authority whether we agree with them or not -we pray for heart change. Thank you.

    1. We must absolutely pray for a heart change in our nation and the world Ms. Marilyn. We live in a far different country than folks of our vintage did. If we are to help our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to return to a values-based, moral society, let it begin with each one of us my friend.

  2. Thank you Jim,
    I too have been praying for our nation as I see and live in the ruins of our moral decay, the loss of freedoms, Christian divisions over minor issues, rather than united in our love and commitment to Christ and His doctrine of unity. Thank you for reminding us to pray because it is our calling from the Lord. In His Service with you Jim

    1. Amen. Many of us have forgotten what it truly means to be a follower/imitator of Christ. We are Christian In Name Only (CINO) and want to proclaim ourselves righteous; when in reality, “… No not one!” Well said Ms. Judy. Proud to stand alongside you in prayer ma’am.

  3. Oh, how I have struggled with all the issues you have brought up here, J. D., especially praying for those who wish to tear this country apart. But we must, as Christians, do just that. I pray for a great revival of God’s people throughout this land. We are the only ones who, with God’s help, can stop this moral decay tearing at the fabric of our society.
    Blessings, my friend, and thank you for making us take some long, hard looks in the mirror!

    1. Yes ma’am; sometimes it’s a difficult thing to do indeed ma’am; but it is exactly what we must do if we have any hope of making a difference in our own lives, and that of our family, city, state, and nation. God’s blessings gentle friend.

  4. Good message, J.D.

    II Chron 7:14 indeed.

    Our America’s silent majority must speak up and remove the progressives agenda of the need for change toward satan’s objectives. Not only their spoken word, but their steady vote for a balanced American government is needed.

    Carry on, sir.

  5. Yes! My fervent prayers for revival, especially among our young people rise to the Lord. Have mercy upon us.
    I Peter 4:17¶For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?

    1. Amen Ms. Dottie! Let us not be among those who will face the fury of God at The Great White Throne Judgment; promised to all those who would not believe. Let us not be among those at The Judgment Seat of Christ who stand empty-handed before the throne.

  6. I do pray for my country and our leaders at every level — not daily, but often. Sometimes it seems to be in vain, but I firmly believe we must persevere by putting one foot in front of the other in our walk to follow Jesus..

    1. I hear ya Ms. Candyce. Sometimes I want to shake my fist at God and shout “Why don’t you fix this Lord? Why don’t You do something.” It’s in those moments I heard the words of Matthew West’s song remind me that God did do something, He made me.

    1. Absolutely Mr. Ben. For those here who may have missed that, the thought I shared was “On July 4th, 1776 America was born one nation under God. On July 4th, 2021, some 245 years later, it needs to be born again!” Thank you Mr. Ben; God’s blessings sir.

  7. Great words of wisdom and humble admonishment here. I’ve imagined the horror that would ravage the hearts of our founding fathers should they step onto American soil today or watch even ten seconds of CNN. But, as you so well state here, the lack of earnest and consistent and faithful prayer on the part of Believers has contributed to the mess. Great reminder, JD.

    1. I often wonder what those who have sacrificed their fortunes, their families, their holdings (property and title), and those who sacrificed their lives would say if they looked upon the streets of America today. I see President Washington, Sgt. York, President Kennedy, my grandfather, all standing with their heads down and tear rolling down their cheek.

  8. Well, my friend, you’ve “hit the nail on the head” I think. If we want to help our country get back to the God-centered nation it has been in the past, it needs to start with us. You know I’ve been writing about some of these issues in my blog series and you’ve even previewed some of my upcoming messages. But, that’s okay, because we need to keep on seeking the good as long as we can in as many different ways as we can in service to our Lord. Thank you, J.D., looking forward to tonight’s discussion on Will be great!

    1. Thank you so much Ms. Katherine. I think there are many like-minded children of God still out there; we are just too afraid to speak hard truths into lives. I stand with you in the courage to change that, each in our little parts of the world. It begins with the individual doesn’t it ma’am. I hope you’re able to attend tonight’s broadcast. I hope to share a wonderful poem I recently came across that sums up our thoughts nicely my friend.

  9. Jeannie Waters

    I’ve had similar thoughts, J.D., that we all bear responsibility for the moral decline and the state of our nation. I was raised by a godly mom and a WW II veteran dad who taught us to love God, honor our great country, and respect others. May we all accept the challenge you so beautifully presented to do our part in prayer and godly living.

    1. Yes ma’am. I often ask myself, what changed in me that led me to become silent, passive, and afraid? I think the answer is “conditioning.” Our world has been silently, and slowly corrupting us for years; and it’s finally bold enough to step from the shadows. I’m so glad to stand with you ma’am.

  10. Your post had me nearly shouting, J.D. I long to see the America I grew up in. A medical doctor told me just this week that the last time he paid 1k to test for his board licensed to be renewed, over 95% of the questions were about being politically correct and not about medical practices. How said. I’ve long thought many in the church also have their own agendas. If church leaders and all believers would lay down our agendas and pick up God’s will, what a difference it would make. I want to be more consistent in praying for government leaders.

    1. I’m right there with you Ms. Karen. When I hear stories like this, it incenses my human nature to see how backwards society has become (e.g. “It’s more important to not offend anyone than it is to diagnose and treat their medical need.”) My spiritual nature simply cries out “How much more Lord?” Let’s keep praying my friend; and being the light in the darkness Christ calls us to be.

  11. Amen, brother J.D.! I wholeheartedly agree with your words. I have always prayed for our nation to repent and turn back to God, but I also especially pray for Israel. As the Word says in Psalm 122:6, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May they prosper who love you.” And as the saying goes, “So goes Israel, so goes the world.” President Trump did so much to bless the nation of Israel by moving our U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, not to mention the historic Abraham Accords. May God once again bless the United States of America as we humble ourselves, pray, seek God’s face, and repent of our wicked ways.

    1. Amen Ms. Karen. I’m looking at how many “politicos” are turning on Israel and I cry out “Oh you vipers! Don’t you know the judgment coming your way?!” Such an important reminder ma’am; we Americans are not alone and cannot become isolationists. That goes against the Great Commission.

  12. As I mentioned in the chat room last night. This is courageous stuff, my friend, and so very needed right now. The thing that encourages me as much as the insightful points you make is that this is the kind of leadership I pray for every day–leadership that comes from the grass roots, the “real life” followers of Jesus who see the disastrous destination of the policies being thrust on us by a spiritually blind and morally corrupt bunch of political power mongers. I have loved and appreciated for a while now the way you apply the gifts Jesus died to bestow on you, but never more than I did reading this piece. May God make it a powerful influence in the hearts and lives of multitudes. Thank you for displaying the kind of heart that fought back every enemy that ever put our beloved nation in its crosshairs.

    1. Thank you so much Mr. Ron. Not sue about the courageous; I did a lot of crying, complaining, and praying about this post. In the end, I’ll accept submissive. Sometimes though, it takes courage to surrender doesn’t it sir? God’s blessings.

  13. Even as a 33-year-old, I feel that a lot has changed since I was 18 years old. Especially the political correctness and “outrage culture”. So many people have lost their jobs, or basically been forced to resign, for not having opinions that are PC.

    1. Yes Ms. Robin! I agree wholeheartedly ma’am. I think “the world” is attempting to substitute political correctness for the spiritual gifts of kindness, goodness, and love. They are attempting to use “Cancel Culture” to replace the spiritual gift of self-control. “The world” has been deceived into believing they are their own god; yet they realize their very souls and even their human spirit long for the blessings of the true and only God in their lives. We must continue to shine His light into this world by our words and actions ma’am; so we might bring Him glory and lead so many deceived souls (sadly, even within our churches in some cases) into a right relationship with their loving Creator God. Well said young lady; thank you and God’s blessings.

  14. From one God-fearing’ conservative dinosaur to another, I appreciate your stand, your voice, your morals, your service, and your good ol’ common sense. Thank the Lord there is a smattering of us left. I do indeed pray for our leaders and believe that God’s mysterious ways will one day be revealed. Thank you, JD.

    1. What an honor it is to stand beside you ma’am. So few can understand that it’s not about one political party or another, but what is right and moral and just. Many of today’s churches need only look at themselves to see where much of the stems from.

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