The Reunion

Replacing the entire south fenceline required me to place all our cattle in the north pasture. Able to separate the donkeys and “Bianca” (my yearling replacement heifer) in the feedlot, I moved the mamas, calves, and “Mavric” the bull, into the north pasture. They would share that pasture for just a few days with my yearling steers. This kept everyone contained, safe, and allowed them to graze free of worry or concern.

That was, until the bovine version of the Irresistible Force Paradox ensued. I watched as the irresistible force met an immovable object (or is that im-moo-vable) and it played out before my eyes. After getting everyone moved, I checked on the water situation. With no pond in the north pasture, I rely on 100-gallon stock tanks to water the cattle. With each cow drinking 10-20 gallons per day, I knew they would need refilling multiple times each day.

Some of you might remember my post about bulling (A Battle of Wills) from earlier this year. When my yearling steers realized their serene pasture was being invaded by others, the bulling began. While no one argues with “Mavric”, who tips the scales at over 2,000 lbs., the others had to establish their superiority. This is where it got interesting.

Shown in the photo are “Zia Louise” and “Giuseppe” (mama and son) meeting after seven months apart. Bulling to establish superiority is common, so it didn’t concern me too much as mother and son were bulling near one of the water tanks. What surprised me was how suddenly “Louise” stopped during battle and intently listened. It became apparent there was something familiar. She lowed out her mother’s call; and just as quickly, “Giuseppe” stopped. They recognized one another and the love fest began.

No nursing of course, he was weaned, but no more head-butting, circling, etc. Not long after the moment of recognition, she and her son were nuzzling one another. As she licked him as mamas do, she called over “Homer”, her two-month-old calf, and seemed to introduce the brothers. During those few days the cattle were all together, I always saw those three near the other. And when one of the other yearlings would attempt to bull “Homer”, big brother “Giuseppe” (the largest of my yearlings at over 900 lbs.) stepped in and stopped it.

I’d never seen that before, but it made me stop and wonder what it is going to be like upon heaven’s upward call. Will we recognize old family ties by their looks, sound, or smell? I doubt it. I think we’ll just know. Will I instantly be aware of the Father’s physical presence? I don’t know, but I’m sure looking forward to that reunion.

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I sometimes allow myself to wonder about what my eternal life will be like. As much as I look forward to experiencing eternity with my Creator God, there is a natural apprehension of the unknown. I’m certain I will inherit a glorified body, but do not know what to expect from that. They’ll be no sickness, pain, death, sorrow, etc.; but what age will I be? What job will I do? Will I be a scribe or blessed to tend God’s cattle on a thousand hills? Whatever it is, I’ll be with our Lord, so I know I’ll be happy.

Many other questions may enter my mind, such as; will I know my saved family members from here on earth? Will there even be family differentiations? There are many things about heaven and eternity I am not supposed to know. Isaiah 55:8-9 is sufficient for me to accept that my finite mind cannot even imagine all that our infinite God knows. This, my friends, is called faith. Because God’s word has proven true and steadfast through the ages, my faith allows me to believe His future promises for His dear children.

Until that day, I wait with great anticipation for my journey home. I can’t wait to see each of you there.

God’s blessings,



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52 thoughts on “The Reunion”

  1. I often think about how surprised we’ll be. When a dear friend who own greenhouses died, his widow said she imagined him walking through beautiful gardens in heaven. I told her I think Jesus is showing him flowers and saying, “this is what yellow was supposed to look like.” Perfect – unlike anything we have seen or imagine- that’s what scripture tells us. And for reunions? I can’t wait!
    Thanks again and zia— warms my heart

    1. I’m with you Ms. Marilyn. I think my biggest “wonder” is will I instantly know everything God wants me to know; or will I still be in the process of learning? I think both will work for me. I’ll be with God, what else matters?! 🙂 God’s blessings my friend.

  2. Awesome work you do there, Mr. J.D.

    I’ve a friend who had a near death experience after a motorcycle accident. As he had the out of body experience looking down, he saw his predeceased father and brother holding him horizontally in their arms. His father was a minister and without hearing words, the son realized his father pleaded with, “This is my son.” The boy also realized the others moving closer to the body communicated through thought rather than words. I guess you’ll recognize everyone, but your voice may be used to worship, or not.

    Best blessings on the Cross-Dubya!

    1. Thank you Mr. Warren. Much appreciated sir. I’ve never experienced anything like that, but I should think it would be life-altering to say the least. Whatever That Day (the day we meet our Savior in the air), it’ll be perfect!

  3. I’ve often wondered, too, J. D., what heaven will be like once we get there, but my limited human brain just can’t wrap around the concept. I’ll just be content to live in faith, right here and now, that God plans only the best for His children.

    1. So very true Ms. Martha. I often say “I don’t know what I don’t know”; and that same truth applies to what heaven will be like. What God’s word tells us though is all the hope I need to hang onto. 🙂 Thank you my friend.

  4. You always start my mind to wander about the “what If’s “ when you write about your observations and parallel them with scripture. Truly you have given a wonderful gift and we are blessed by your writing.

  5. I have read several books with stories about people who have had near death experiences and recounted them. Honestly it sounds too amazing for my little mind to grasp and knowing what a loving and gracious Father we have I know it will be beyond anything we can imagine!! I love the lessons your cattle teach my friend!! And I love their names!!

    1. Thank you Ms. Ann. I’m so very glad you enjoyed the post ma’am; as I do yours. Ms. Diane names almost all the cattle here at the Cross-Dubya; and I’m certain some folks think I’m “half a bubble off plumb” when they hear me calling them up to eat in Italian. LOL Praying you and yours a great week sweet friend.

    1. So please you enjoyed Ms. Gail. A “replacement heifer” is a young, unbred female cow who is new to a herd. Often times, they will replace an older mama cow who is being retired, so the quantity of calves each season does not diminish. Although sometimes, they are simply an addition to the herd. An interesting fact is that it takes the herd a little while to integrate the new cow into the herd. They’re a close knit community. 🙂

  6. JD, I love this story! My heart is so happy imagining this mama and son reunion! Oh, so many questions I have about our next life. I think we are going to laugh when we experience the reality and compare it to what our feeble, earthly brains tried to imagine it would be like. 🙂 I do hope we know one another so we can share the JOY of experiencing it together. But that’s the earthly me talking… 🙂

    1. I hear ya Ms. Debbie. To be fully and permanently removed from sin’s curse. Won’t that be something to rejoice? Oh wait! We are now, if we could only accept and embrace it. 🙂 Alas, the curse. Maranatha! (Oh come Lord); I so long to go home one day soon.

  7. Jeannie Waters

    Oh, J. D., your sweet cow story led us to ponder the wonders of heaven. I’ve often wondered where our focus will be once we see the face of Jesus. We know heaven will be glorious because it is prepared by God for His children. Thank you for more ranch-inspired, wise words.

    1. Thank you so much Ms. Jeannie. Where will our minds be indeed ma’am? So much before us; but I think it will all pale in comparison to being immersed in God’s glory. I’m ready Lord! 🙂 God’s blessings sweet friend.

  8. I’m with you, J.D. I think our “feeble” minds aren’t able to imagine the glory, majesty, and awesome wonder of Heaven. My words don’t come close. But that doesn’t stop me from trying to imagine it. I feel sure we’ll have some helpful tasks assigned to be “about our Father’s business.” I’m thinking my loved one is a gardener, builder, stew maker, and multi-purpose helper, still using his talents in service to our Father.

  9. I love this blog, JD! What a cool experience that must have been to watch play out in your field. Also, I didn’t know you had donkeys! I’m going to need to see some pictures!

  10. I love your stories. I wonder, too, what that glorious time will be like in heaven. You are right. There are some things we aren’t supposed to know until we arrive there. God has a special plan for each one of us. Have a blessed week! 🙂

    1. He sure does Ms. Melissa. Do you ever wonder if what we’re led to do here on earth is in preparation for what we’ll be doing in heaven? In ways I hope so. God’s blessings ma’am; and you have a great week also please.

  11. What a beautiful story of reunion between Mother and Son!

    I’ve lost two siblings in the past few years and I can just imagine the reunion they had in heaven with mom and dad.

    1. I can almost see the three of you smiling over there now Ms. Candyce. See the feller standing in the field surrounded by cattle? Yep; that’s me waving to y’all and sayin’ “Howdy.” 😀

  12. Oh, what a touching story of family! There is a BASIC level of recognition that you’re describing: Brothers And Sisters In Christ. Thank you for sharing these heartwarming vignettes you observe in your pasture. Most of us would never get to experience what you see every day.

  13. What a sweet description of a reunion that, I’m sure, was even sweeter in person (or “cowson”). Made me a bit homesick, it did.

  14. I love this! It amazes me very day how the Lord uses the Earth and His animals to touch us and to teach us lessons.

  15. Yes, faith. Until we get there, we can only imagine. (Hummm, that has a familiar ring.)
    Meanwhile my imagination took me to your ranch and I watched the bovine reunion with. You do such a great job of painting pictures with words. Thank you.
    We have so much to look forward to!

    1. Mercy me Ms. Connie; y’all say the kindest things ma’a m. 🙂 Thank you so much for all your kindness, encouragement, and friendship. What a blessing it is. I thank God for you my friend.

  16. Dear J.D.,
    How precious is it that mother and son still recognized one another? I was just talking about our heavenly reception this week. There is so much unknown, but I am eagerly anticipating that day!

    Peace and grace,

  17. Lovely story, J.D. with a happy family ending. I imagine heaven will be like that–knowing not only our earthly family but also instantly “knowing” everyone else. Just think of talking with everyone we’ve read about in the Bible! But most of all, seeing Jesus face-to-face and worshiping Him forever and ever. Won’t that be quite a day, and like you, I’m looking forward to it! As the song says best, “I can only imagine.”

    1. Won’t that be something Ms. Karen? Sometimes I feel like a kid walking into the candy store with a pocket full of pennies. 🙂 Oh the joy that awaits us ma’am.

  18. Late again in reading, but what a great lesson your cattle showed us. If the animals can show love to each other like that, how much more should we? Thanks, J.D.!

    1. What a great question to ask Ms. Barbara. One we should each ask ourselves. Do I, as God’s greatest creation, show as much love for my fellow man as the animals show for their kind? Amen ma’am! Thank you so much for adding your rich wisdom to our conversation.

  19. Yet again, your blog is great. It make many precious memories and promises come to mind. I, too, can’t wait for the “reunion”. I so look forward to THAT DAY! Your connection with the cattle is sweet. As Butch and I were visiting with Runt this past Wednesday, he was pointing out amazing behavior in his herd. he told how the bull (father of many) kept the herd together and safe. I remarked as we watched this herd; “How can anyone NOT believe there’s GOD above who allows us to know and feel HIS presence in such simple pleasures?” Keep up the good writing. Praying for Diane’s surgery also.

    1. You are much too kind Ms. Linda. Sure hope my head fits through the door after this. 🙂 I can’t wait to see all of us together in glory. We’ll be one family there (I think); which makes me wonder why so many of us don’t even try to get along with others, even in our churches. I think that answer is, as always, “SIN.” That curse will remain with us as long as we’re on this earth. I can’t wait to be shed of it one day soon my friend. And yes, just as our friend Mr. Runt pointed out, there is much God’s animals and all of creation can teach us if we’ll just slow down long enough to pay attention. It truly does cry out its praises for our Creator. We’re often just too self-absorbed to notice. God’s blessings gentle friend.

  20. Sorry to be so long getting a response out to you, J.D., but I love the contemplations that your piece sets in motion. The older I get, the more powerfully real and exciting the anticipation of that ultimate arrival in Heaven becomes. At this point in my life, the number of friends and family waiting for me is pretty large, and I so look forward to seeing them. I also loved thinking about what we’ll actually be doing. There will be work to do for a thousand years here on this earth, and who knows what that will entail? Thanks for the excursion into that world where we won’t have to depend on keyboards and images to share our hearts with each other–another great job my friend.

    1. I’m with you there Mr. Ron. I think I’ve got more friends and loved ones waiting for me on that side of heaven than on this one. And like you, I can’t wait for us all to be together again. Not sure what either of us will be doing my friend, but I am certain we’ll be smiling and laughing and praising Him. Thank you for all your kind words sir; am humbled.

  21. Pastor Wildman

    Great post . I, especially liked the admittance of uncertainty regarding eternity. At times, cliches and traditions and songs we’ve been taught aren’t an accurate interpretation of scripture. I often wonder how would we respond if we show up to Heaven and Jesus gives us a mop and a bucket?!?!

    1. Thank you so much sir. While we can’t know a great many things, our faith ensures we have hope in that which we know for sure and for certain. I’ve often thought rancher, writer, or maybe a soldier alongside the archangel Michael; but truth is not of us will be needed as soldiers then, as much as we are now. Thank you for your kindness and encouragement sir. See you there soon!

  22. I love this so much, J.D. What a wonderful story of mother and son reuniting and then meeting little brother. Your stories around the Cross-Dubya always touch my heart.

    I’ve wondered about heaven many times. And I’m sure my heart will be satisfied in my heavenly Father being there…that in itself will be glorious!

    1. Oh. Amen Ms. Karen. I’m glad you enjoy my posts ma’am. I pray each one brings enlightenment, inspiration, conviction, or joy to all those who read them. I know they do me. As for what we wonder about heaven? I think it good that we don’t know what we can’t know. I’ve come to view my faith journey, my Christian life, to be like a small child on Christmas morning. I can’t know for sure what is contained in all those beautiful gift packages, but I know it’s going to be good! I know I will each will provide either joy or utility. And I know it was given with love. God’s blessings sweet lady; and thank you for all your encouragement.

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