Vision Problems

In late 2017, my cataracts matured to the point I required surgery. A year earlier, my eye doctor told me I was developing cataracts in both eyes. I took the news in stride, thinking I had a few years before I needed any corrective action. Boy, was I wrong! In less than a year, my vision in my left eye had deteriorated to worse than 20/100; and my right eye was around 20/70. When the young lady administering the eye test introduced glare (such as oncoming headlights at night or looking into the bright sun), they were even worse (20/200).

When that realization hit me, I thought about how many months I’d been driving at night and how much of a struggle to do everyday things became. My world changed because of my poor vision. I could no longer drive (day or night), and it was nearly impossible to read. I found I had to close my left eye to see well enough in the right one to sort of see my pastor’s face on Sunday mornings.

In what seemed like less than 15 minutes in the operating room, Dr. Kiblinger performed the procedure to remove my cloudy natural eye lens. He replaced it with an intra-ocular lens, which immediately improved my vision when I removed the shield and bandages a few hours later. I’ll never forget how dramatic the change was; colors were more vibrant, everything was clear, and I could see to read with no need for eyeglasses. When I closed my right eye, which still had a cataract, I could see even better!

I learned how proteins deposited on the eye’s lens causes a cataract to form, which over time clouds the lens and results in impaired vision. I also learned there are different cataracts, based on where on the lens they are located. Mine were posterior, which explained why I had so much trouble whenever glare entered my field of vision. I thought about how those deposits had built up on the lenses of my eyes over years and years—until reaching a point I could no longer see. My cataracts took many years to form, and the changes to my vision were gradual. I didn’t even notice the small, incremental changes until they affected my life. I started thinking about how living in this world can allow sin and ungodly things to buildup in your life.

Each time you allow this world to enter your thoughts and distract you from your Christian walk, I wonder if it leaves a little trace of worldliness on your soul. Over time, this buildup of leftover sin can lead to a less satisfying walk with our Lord. Is it me, or have others experienced the lingering effects of lust, greed, jealousy, gossip, anger, hatred, or all those little white lies that can’t hurt anyone?

Have you ever sat in a worship service and the pastor drones on sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher? For the life of you, you can’t remember what his sermon was about an hour after you left church. Can I be the only one this has ever happened to? Ever try to read your Bible and you just can’t understand the message from the verses? So you read them through again, and still can’t make sense of them.

I believe when we let this world control our thoughts; we lose focus on our Christianity. In time, if enough sinful trace deposits are left behind, they could build up to the point you just quit trying to serve God. You skip evening services, and then you find you are just too busy to make church every Sunday morning. Then you blame the church itself for letting you down. You hear, then say, “they’re hypocrites, I don’t like being told I’m sinful, there’s ‘Sister Bertha Better Than You’ with another of her weekly praise reports”, on and on. Soon, you become what I refer to as a “two-timer”; you only show up on Easter and Christmas.

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Don’t think this could ever happen to you? Well, it’s happened to me in the past, and I dare say it happens to more Christians than we would like to think. Our Spiritual Vision becomes impaired because our souls become so polluted, the Holy Spirit becomes less and less clear to us.

To protect against our this, I prescribe three things:

  • Prayer—Ask God to forgive your sins and restore your clean heart. One way to do this is following 1 Thessalonians 5:17.
  • Repentance—Attempt to change yourself and ask God to help remove whatever sinful habit has taken root in your soul.
  • Study—Study God’s Word daily and ask for the Holy Spirit to impart His wisdom and understanding to you.

I pray for your good health, improved Spiritual Vision, and continuing growth in your faith in our Lord.

God’s blessings,


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46 thoughts on “Vision Problems”

  1. Unfortunately I am right where you were in 2017 with my physical vison, But the good news is, it’s repairable.
    I think we all have sin residue clouding our vision at times. Thankfully, my spiritual vision far exceeds my physical vision. But for those that can’t say that, the procedure to correct your spiritual vison takes less time to correct. All we have to do is 1st John 1, 9 it!
    “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

  2. I’ve had cataract surgery, too, J. D., and boy! What a difference it made for my physical vision. I love how you’ve compared the negative effects of cataracts with the danger of how we can allow the world to dull and cloud our spiritual vision. We must stay alert to the influence of sin that wants to creep in from time to time. We do so need repentance, prayer, and time in God’s Word to set us on the straight and narrow path once again.

    1. We surely do Ms. Martha. One of my goals for each evening, just before I drift off to sleep is to ask God to reveal anything I’ve missed that is “staining my soul.” It’s shocking perhaps, the number of times I end up delaying slumber to pray through something I didn’t even realize I was doing or saying throughout the day. I’m so glad both your physical and spiritual vision are doing well sweet lady. God’s blessings.

    1. Yes ma’am; it sure dies Ms. Sue Anne! And it seems to be getting more aggressive with each passing day. Prayers we can remain as “stain-free” as possible my friend.

  3. Has your spiritual vision become blurred? Yes, it’s happened to me. As a maturing Christian, it’s now easier to recognize, which helps me eliminate those worldly deposits sooner rather than later.

    1. I think it has happened, and will happen, to all Christians Ms. Candyce. My heart breaks though for those self-righteous and deceived souls who think they either do no wrong or their salvation gives them a license to live a worldly life without any judgment.

  4. At 72 years old I am probably fortunate. My optometrist some six years ago said cataracts were forming but no need to address them. I have been cognizant of poorer vision, but tipping my head to change the view through the lens seems to help. I’m likely to need a visit this year to check the options. Much like renewing our mind is required to stay faithful and just. Good words, JD. Thanks.

    1. Praying you physical vision becomes as acute as your spiritual vision my friend. My posterior cataracts grew very bad very fast, which was unusual, but the ophthalmologist and surgeon explained how my Type II diabetes was a contributing factor. So glad they held out until after my heart procedure earlier that spring. 🙂 God’s blessings my friend.

    1. As I mentioned earlier, I think it happens to all of us at one time or another Ms. Ann. I wish I could tell you it only happens once, but perhaps others are slow learners like me. I thank God for always being ready to forgive me as His Son intercedes on my behalf. “Because He Lives…” 🙂

  5. You know with my computer-related dry eye issues, I can relate to this. I can also relate to spiritual vision loss. Both are miserable. None of us are beyond these maladies and must remain diligent and intentional so as to maintain 20/20 physical and spiritual vision. Thanks for the good word, JD, and reminder. You’re such an inspiration to so many. Blessings, Starr

    1. Amen and Amen Ms. Starr. Yes, I thought of your recent vision challenges while I was writing this post ma’am. I am so very glad your physical vision has caught up to your keen spiritual vision sweet friend. God’s blessings.

  6. Roger D. Maddox

    Always blessed by what you share, my friend. The interacting with the world can leave stains that can become problems if not addressed. Thanks for sharing how we can deal with these stains.

  7. J.D., I remember when I was diagnosed as being nearsighted in high school. When I got glasses for driving and reading the chalk boards, (remember those?) I couldn’t believe the difference. We get used to seeing fuzzy and don’t realize what we’re missing. Great application to our spiritual life.

    1. Oh, yes ma’am. When our vision loss is gradual, it seems our bodies adapt to it and find ways to cope with or overcome it. When it happens in our faith-life, I only know of one way to improve it my friend. Let Him wash us clean.

  8. About 12 years ago, I had double cataract surgery–what a wonder that the docs can FIX this!! I remember waking up and being able to see the alarm clock, a true wonder, since I’d worn glasses since I was five yrs. old. So glad we can have our spiritual sight challenges remedied, too!! Great post, J.D.

    1. Wow! They did both eyes on the same day Ms. Gail. What an experience that must’ve been. My Ms. Diane and I have both had both eyes done, but our surgeon did them two weeks apart. I’ll always remember taking the left lens out of my eyeglasses before the second procedure was done. LOL What a sight I must’ve been.

  9. JD I always seem to stop and ponder a phrase in your blogs. This time it was what kind of deposits am I making?. May God keep me from cloudiness and give me clarity. As one with cataracts I relate in that way too. Thanks again!

    1. You humble me my friend. Thank you for your kind words. Will be praying your cataracts are handled quickly and effectively. We don’t want that wonderful glint of God’s light to be cloudy for others to see my friend. God’s blessings ma’am.

  10. So glad you got your physicial vision fixed. Thanks for the tips on how to improve our spiritual vision too.
    My left eye has cataract, but my cornea has deteriorating (accident long ago). Now if I get cataract surgery in that eye, I also have to get a cadaver cornea. I ‘m waiting as long as I can.
    Meanwhile, I’ll double check on my spiritual vision and make the necessary corrections. 🙂

    1. As a former Lions Club member, I’ve heard many wonderful stories of corneal transplants and the high success rate they’re achieving. Please be sure to let us know when that is planned so our little community here can be praying for you Ms. Jackie. And for the record, I’ve been blessed many times as you’ve shared lessons, stories, etc. with me; so I know you have exceptional “Spiritual Vision” sweet friend. God’s blessings and my best to my pal Mr. Lynn. What an amazing craftsman he is. Can’t wait to talk cars with him in heaven one day. 🙂

  11. I don’t have cataracts, but I have horrible vision and can relate to this message. During one of my college years, I rarely attended church or fed my soul from scripture. Ironically, I was attending a Christian school. Spiritual blindness creeps up easily when we’re lax. Thank you for sharing this valuable lesson, J.D.

    I appreciate you!

    Peace and grace,

    1. It surely does Ms. Tammy. I’m so very pleased to see how well you see spiritually now gentle friend. I see it in the words you write, the lessons you speak, and the life you live young lady. God’s blessings ma’am.

    1. Oh, yes ma’am. I’m learning I need to make repentance (i.e. coming clean with God) a daily occurrence. One of my prayer statements of late has been “God, help me to be Rapture-Ready.”

  12. Wonderful and convicting message here, my brother. I believe this happens more than most would care to admit, even on a personal basis.

    Thank you for the reminder of the illness and the remedy of what affects us all, even if we are not ready to admit it.

    1. Thank you Mr. Monty. I think all of us suffer from this malady now and again. And you are so right, there’s a known remedy; we just have to take advantage of His grace and mercy.

  13. Kathy Collard Miller

    Powerful spiritual metaphor. We can subtly become insensitive. I confess I’ve recognized that in me. So thank you for the alert for my heart to become insensitive again.

  14. YES! All those questions, “Do you ever…?” I’ve been there. You are right, my friend. Sin intrudes, clouds our vision, falters our faith. Your prescription is on target and I’ve had to use it (many times). God rescued me when I sank into the pit. Your strategies continue to get me through every day. Thanks for providing a message to get us to examine our “vision loss” and get back to the corrective process.

  15. Great analogy, as usual, J.D. After this pandemic and church closings, we need to have spiritual cataract surgery to remove the gradual growth of spiritual blindness. Closing churches is the worst thing that can happen, and I pray it never happens again. Going back to church after that long period was like waking up from cataract surgery. Everything looks bright, colorful, and focused in the Lord once again. Have a blessed week!

    1. Your comments are so encouraging Ms. Karen. My wife and I have been enjoying various on-line worship services, Sunday mornings, and Bible studies on-line, as we’re both considered “high risk.” We so look forward to gathering together in fellowship with friends and church family soon. I know He’s (the Holy Spirit) is with us all the time, but oh, how I long to feel His presence as it fills the sanctuary as the body of Christ surrenders to His leading. What a wonderful experience that is. Thank you so much for commenting ma’am.

  16. Great in-“sight” here, J.D. Love the analogy to our spiritual vision. This is a revelation we need to be aware of, “Our Spiritual Vision becomes impaired because our souls become so polluted, the Holy Spirit becomes less and less clear to us.”

    1. Am so very glad you enjoyed Ms. Karen. Thank you so much ma’am. This old world can certainly “pollute our souls” every day. We don’t even have to actively participate in it to get “messy.” Recognizing the need to “get clean” is an important step in maintaining the health and vigor of our faith. Well said my friend. God’s blessings.

  17. As a fellow participant in cataract surgery, I can relate to your experience. My vision loss didn’t get quite as significant as yours, and I only had it in one eye, but the change afterward was dramatic, and I was so grateful. Your application of the principle is spot on. I recall reading or hearing about an incident where someone inserted a small amount of toxic substance into someone’s food periodically. The poison was hardly noticed until it reached a critical level, and by the time they figured out what was going on it was too late. The devil is quite content to do the same things with us–just insert a little dose of hedonism, a little pride and arrogance, a little dab of lust and greed, etc. Great job my friend, God bless you.

    1. Thank you so much for adding great insights to our conversation sir. YES! Satan’s tactics are just like adding a small amount of mercury or arsenic to someone’s food. A miniscule amount is unnoticeable, but with each dose, it builds up in your body until it reaches a critical, or should I say “deadly” amount that triggers the body’s violent response. While signs appear (hair loss, loss of taste or smell, unexplained itching, bluing, etc.), they are largely ignored or explained away; until it become fatal. If only we would heed the warnings the Holy Spirit gives us when sin enters our system. What a great analogy sir. Thank you so much! God’s blessings my friend.

  18. A hearty amen, JD, to your well written post packed with conviction, wisdom, and truth. Love your honesty. thank you.

    We follow what we focus on. One way leads to blindness, the other to light and life.
    “Jesus, help us fix our eyes on you.”

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