This We’ll Defend

Three small words. Individually, they seem harmless; but when combined, they become a call to action that men and women have been willing to die for. I first learned the motto for the United States Army many years ago. I was in the 9th grade and enthralled with the military history I was learning in JROTC. Like nearly every young man of my generation, I dreamed of one day becoming a soldier and wearing my nation’s uniform. I imagined glorious campaigns, acts of heroism and bravery, and standing proudly before our nation with a chest full of medals like Audie Murphy. Four years later, I began living out the motto “This We’ll Defend.” I’ve never stopped.

According to, the War Office (formed to manage the Continental Army) adopted this motto in 1776. Each word in this motto is meaningful. “This” refers to the United States of America, its Constitution, and the liberty it provides. “We’ll” references the collective team effort of the Army; we act as one. “Defend” reminds us that the primary purpose of the Army is as a defender of this nation, not as an aggressor to other nations or its people.

Few notice the three small words in the banner encircled by a rattlesnake atop this emblem. Fewer still ever consider what they mean. For this old soldier, they are more than a rallying cry; they are a promise I have sworn to keep. Proudly American, I’ve spent my adult life attempting to portray the ideals our nation was founded upon; liberty, equality, opportunity, due process of law, and freedom. Having traveled much of this world, and observed firsthand the many forms of government man has created, I can assure you, none compares to the United States of America.

As with all things formed by man, even a nation based on God’s principles for living morally, they crumble and disintegrate. As 2 Chronicles 7:14 promises, God can restore a repentant nation. However, just as Jeremiah prophesied to the nation of Israel (Jeremiah 18:8), failure of the entire nation to repent leads to God’s judgment upon that nation. Our nation is fast approaching this point.

We can debate the causes for the events happening in our country today. They are as endless as the grains of sand on a beach. The best result we humans can hope for from any such deliberation is to “agree to disagree.” It is my opinion that many in our nation today are deceived and divided by Satan. In my youth, we weren’t “hyphenated” Americans, we were American. Yes, lots of ethnicities, colors, only two genders. What brought us together as a nation (and made us the greatest nation in the world) was our morality, desire to live free, and willingness to work to better ourselves and those around us.

In these politically and socially charged times we find ourselves in today, the world is forcing us to choose sides. It says we must be “Woke-American”, “African-American”, “Mexican-American”, “Asian-American”, “Somali-American”, or many other man-defined differentiators. Does anyone else notice what’s wrong with all these descriptors? America comes last in every single one of them.

Recently, I posted on social media that if I have to define myself as a hyphenated-American, I choose “Christian-American.” This is the only designation I’m willing to accept as an American citizen, because it denotes that I put my Christian faith first in my life. Our nation founded upon Christian principles. Many want to disagree with those facts; and no matter how many changes you make to history books through “Cancel Culture”, you cannot erase truth.

Looking around my nation, I see open rebellion against Christianity in the halls of Congress, state governments, courts, and in our schools. In John 15:18 (NKJV), Jesus stated, “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.” Persecution of Christians has been going on for centuries, so we shouldn’t be surprised. My sorrow stems from the fact that we have done this to ourselves. As a Christian America, we’ve stood by for decades and removed God from schools, courts, and our government. We did so in the name of political correctness, with an unwillingness to stand up and defend what we believe.

I recently asked What am I willing to fight for? What am I willing to defend? Praying, I asked God why He allows this to happen. What my soul heard is, “God did not cause this, we did.” Our silence gives Satan permission to proceed unabated.

The people Satan controls driving this agenda of division and hatred are not silent. They don’t stand idly by and do nothing. They are the very activists who bring lawsuits, apply public pressure, write letters, and tirelessly work to remove all things God from the public eye.

If we Christians continue to give ground on this, we will one day face Christ’s judgment for our non-action. Every Christian-American must defend our beliefs and Stand Up for Christ if we hope to restore our nation so it may once again receive God’s blessing and live in peace.

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The question many of you have right now is, How can I Stand Up for Christ and defend my Christian beliefs? I can’t tell you a surefire approach that works every time. Know that trying to talk, yell, or scream louder than those who oppose you will only make you ineffective and hoarse.

I want to encourage you to have the power of soul in times of great stress and anxiety like these to not just endure this evil day, but to be joyful. It’s critical that we fill our lives with the fruits of righteousness as Paul described in Philippians 1:11. We Stand Up for Christ in the way we live our lives; through our deeds of kindness, projects of mercy, and labors of love.

I close with one last question I pray you’ll consider; Will you Stand Up for Christ today?

God’s blessings,



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38 thoughts on “This We’ll Defend”

  1. I will join you, J. D., in declaring “This We’ll Defend” when it comes to saving our country as it was founded – on Judeo-Christian values. No matter how the cancel culture might try to rewrite history, they will not be successful if we stand strong against them, and proclaim God’s truth. May we all keep praying for our nation!

    1. Thank you Ms. Martha Jane! I think it so important that we stand strong, with Christ, in the face of the coming days. Is this the separation of wheat from chaff? I don’t know; and truthfully the only thing that matters is who my faith is anchored to. God’s blessings ma’am.

    1. I don’t think I have either until the last year or so ma’am. All the signs are pointing to where God’s word tells us they will. I’m not leaving anything in my cup. 🙂

  2. You nailed it. It’s not unbelievers who has America in this mess today, but believers who haven’t stood as we should for Christian principles. We must repent and restore our resolve to stand firm in following the LORD. I pray it begins with me.

  3. Good morning, J.D. I believe we “have been called for such as this”–to share Christ, pray earnestly, and live out our faith that others might see Him in us. I hear the urgency in your words and agree to stand shoulder to shoulder.


  4. Great lesson. I will stand up for Christ.
    We Americans seem to forget to put Christ first,
    Remember He is our creator. He made us all in His image.
    Nowadays it seems people forget these things.
    Let’s all join together and fight against Satan, and stand up for Christ.
    Bless you.

    1. Yes ma’am. I feel strongly that we’ve practiced “silence” for far too long. We don’t have to be aggressive, but we do have to be visible so folks see Christ in us ma’am.

  5. I wanted to wave an American flag and don my patriotic attire after reading your post. Thank you for telling it like it is. Our tendency is to feel helpless, but as a believer, we have the greatest tool a available at our fingertips: prayer. Thank you, J. D.

    1. I join you and your family in that same prayer each day ma’am. I’m praying the rapture comes before I am forced to defend my faith against those who are bent on eroding it further.

  6. This is beautifully expressed and could not be more relevant in this day and age we find ourselves in. And I wholeheartedly agree – we allowed all this to go on by our silence. Those who would strip us of freedoms are very boisterous. Those of us who believe and seek to live differently don’t get in people’s faces and yell and argue. But we have other avenues and we MUST use them beginning with prayer. Thank you my friend – yes, this I will defend – and I do consider myself a Christian-American – proudly.

  7. So beautifully said, J.D. Our nation’s founding fathers had enough gumption to put their Christian faith first when they added “In God we trust” on our currency. And according to Wikipedia, it’s also the official motto of The United States.

    I’m with you, and I’ll stand up for Christ.

  8. Lots of important messages here, my friend. First let me say–thank you for your service to our country. Thanks also for the history lesson. I did not know the details about “this we’ll defend.” My dad was a veteran and a history lover and I inherited his love of history and love of country. Thank you for speaking out about our need to stand up for Jesus. We tend to back off from courageous action if we fear political or social repercussions. But, living our lives as Christians in ways that others see Christ in us is the best way we can spread His love. May God bless your ministry, my friend and hold you safely under His sheltering wings.

    1. Amen Ms. Katherine. Many of us have grown far too accustomed to standing silently by and watching these attacks occur. As perhaps our Christ might say, “It’s time to upset some tables in the temple folks.” 🙂

  9. You are right. We have caused the mess. Too often, people have put their own wants and desires first. God should always be first. He loves us. We need to share His love with others. Pause, pray before speaking. Pause, give thanks with a grateful heart. Pause, remember we are His. Pause, remember His sacrifice. I am praying for this world. This is a great message. Thank you for sharing your heart J.D.

    1. I stand before you as guilty as any one of us Ms. Melissa. Knowing my ultra-aggressive past, I’ve tried hard to leave the thoughts of “war” behind me. While this is most certainly a spiritual battle that will be fought on our knees, it’s one we must be willing to fight with every ounce of strength God can give us. Thank you so much for always making our conversations better my friend.

  10. J.D.,
    When I was training to be a school administrator, my mentor taught me to ask this question, “Is it a mountain worth dying on?” Too often our answer to this question is not formulated on biblical precepts. Thank you for this timely, insightful post.
    Blessings to you and D!

    1. Thank you Ms. Gena. It’s been a few years since hearing that, but it’s a great question to ask ourselves isn’t it? Is my faith? ABSOLUTELY! 🙂 I know your answer already sweet friend.

  11. Agreed, J.D. I will join you and all others to stand up for Christ! May our prayers for the salvation of our country’s Constitution be answered. Prayers for revival to catch fire and spread around the world, that we may repent and the lost be saved. Thanks for another inspiring post, my friend.

    1. More kindness than I could ever deserve, but I’ll take it. 😀 Thank you Ms. Karen. Such a blessing to be able to Stand Up for Christ with such wonderful Christian friends around us ma’am.

  12. Kathy Collard Miller

    So important, J.D. I have been so ignorant of the subtle and obvious attacks and subterfuge going on but recently, because of being in a class discussing controversial topics, I have done lots of research and am learning so much. God has challenged me to have a voice and it’s scary. But also an adventure of depending upon Him in different ways than before. Keep speaking up!

    1. Yes ma’am Ms. Kathy; these are frightening times indeed my friend. Like you, I would prefer to “let the world do what the world is going to do”, but I fear I have given so much that they (Satan and those influenced by him) want to attack my Christian faith. This, I will defend my friend. I’m proud to be an American because of what being American has meant to this world. I’m not sure that’s the case any longer as many want America to no longer being the light shining on the hill, but just a global citizen who surrenders their God-given rights to self-government and capitalism to the world just for the privilege of being a global citizen. No ma’am; that’s not who God and our founding fathers made us to be. At least not to this old dirt farmer. God’s blessings my friend.

  13. When I read your articles, J.D., I’m always moved by the unvarnished reality they represent. It’s a refreshing and inspiring contrast to the empty, frothy, disingenuous, garbage from so many sources these days. My grandpa didn’t like angel food cake. He said, it looks like cake, but there ain’t nothin’ in it. You put out cake with stuff in it–God bless you for letting us all know what the Army’s motto is and what it means, and to have a moment when we join with you in that oath even though we don’t have a uniform.

    1. I know you, and many of my readers and friends are, Ms. LuAnn. While we cannot know what tomorrow holds for this nation, I know who holds our tomorrow in His mighty hand. That’s enough to keep me moving forward in defending my religious liberty. Let not our minds become willingly enslaved.

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