A “Father-filtered” Day

Recently, I took part in an on-line Bible study; learning how to Build My Footprint for God. As with most every gathering these past six months, they facilitated this study through a Zoom™ meeting. Other than enjoying the different and sometimes exotic places our friend Roger used as backdrops, the greatest blessings was to see, fellowship, laugh, and learn with others.

Excluding our instructor, my friend Mr. Kenn Edwards, there were seven of us who participated each week. While we each had different backgrounds, and were located all over the U.S., the one thing we had in common was a love for learning and sharing Christ with others. As we grew together each week, it was an honor to lift my new friends up in prayer. Two in our small group were pastors; and it was amazing to listen as they shared their insights, struggles, hopes, and dreams. Too many of us forget that our pastors are people too.

One thing I loved about each weekly lesson was how we opened with prayer. On this day, our friend Pastor Raymond E. Vogtner from Mount Juliet, TN used a phrase that caused me to rethink how I start my days. In his prayer, he uttered the words “we ask that you give us a Father-filtered day so that all we say and do glorifies You.” A “Father-filtered” day! What an amazing and simple concept for us to request in prayer. Fascinated by this phrase, I thought about it, researched it to little satisfaction, and prayed for understanding. The Holy Spirit led me to understand that a “Father-filtered day” means:

  • Acknowledging that God is in control of all aspects of our lives,
  • Seeking His will and guidance in all that we do, and
  • Submitting to His authority in our lives.

I know that sounds like a tall order, but it is achievable. How can we attain such a life? It requires three steps. First, we must become His children; adopted into God’s family through our true salvation found only in Christ Jesus. Next, we must surrender our will for His. Sometimes done in small steps over a long period for some of us, submitting our will to His authority is a must. Last, we must remember to invite Him along with us as we live out each day.

For too many years, I viewed God as a fire extinguisher. I kept him displayed in a case and only brought Him out when needed. This happened when everything I tried had failed and had no place else to turn. You know, “in case of fire, break glass.” That isn’t who God wants to be in our lives. He wants to be a part of everything we do, every experience we have. In starting to understand who my Creator God is, I began learning this important lesson. When I submitted my life to Him, I began understanding the depth of His love for us. Until that time, He was but a deity who I believed in. Today, He is my Father, Abba, Lord, and friend.

Until two months ago, I’d never had a term for my request for God to be with me throughout my day. Perhaps I put God on each day like I did my socks. What I didn’t realize until my friend uttered this phrase is that I don’t put God on; I put God in. You can’t “wear” God and expect Him to influence your thoughts and actions. To experience a “Father-filtered” life, you must invite Him to sit upon the throne of your heart and be a part of your every thought and decision.

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Accomplishing this requires us to live out the words Jesus said; “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. This is the first commandment.” (Mark 12:30, NKJV). In doing so, we acknowledge that God is in control of every aspect of our lives. We surrender ourselves to Him; and recognize nothing happens in our lives that will escape His sovereign control. The result is a more peace-filled life, knowing God is in control of all things.

My friend “Reverend REV” (my nickname for my pastor friend) said; “It has really helped and comforted me to know that nothing can come in or go out of my life without the Father’s awareness and permission.” I pray each of your remaining days is “Father-filtered.”

God’s blessings,



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46 thoughts on “A “Father-filtered” Day”

  1. What a powerful way to start each day. I think I will try to incorporate this phrase into my morning prayer. I pray each day can be Father-filtered. Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. Thank you Ms. Ann. I pray it brings you peace, grace, and confidence to face whatever might come your way ma’am. Surrendering our day to Him is a blessing in itself as it frees us from a lot of worry, angst, and unfounded fear. God’s blessings sweet friend.

    1. It definitely helps Ms. Martha Jane. I sometimes have to give myself a reminder of God’s grace, but His filter at least notifies me quickly when my carnal nature overtakes me. It isn’t perfect yet, but then neither am I ma’am. 🙂

  2. How strange. Yesterday I received an American Indian dream catcher that filters the good and the bad dreams that people have while sleeping. Today I read about a father-filtered day. As a Christian I prefer father-filtered days, but I can see how the American Indian relied on their Dreamcatcher filter. Thanks for the new phrase, I will keep it in my prayers.

    1. Thanks Mr. Ray. Isn’t it amazing how God works through His Holy Spirit. The Indian Dreamcatcher seems to have put your mind on the concept of filtering; then it’s followed the next day by my post. Here in Texas, we call those “Jesus thangs.” So honored to have shared one with you sir. God’s blessings.

    2. Raymond Pote, I received the same large envelope from an American Indian ministry. The dream catchers are pretty, but I never keep them. Like you, and JD, I’d prefer that God filtered all my thoughts, waking or sleeping. Also my words and actions.
      Thanks for this encouragement today, JD. The PJNET show is at an awkward time for us, but will try to catch it whenever I can. When I did, I got so much from it.

      1. Thank you for the kind words Ms. Jackie. I echo your sentiments completely ma’am. I understand about he PJNET TV live broadcast times, but please know you can watch them at your convenience on YouTube, just search on either PJNET or my name and you’ll find them ma’am. God’s blessing my California friend. You might also want to check out fellow “CALI girl”, Mrs. Beckie Lindsey. She’s on PJNET monthly also ma’am.

  3. Tammy L Kennington

    Hi J.D.

    I loved this…”What I didn’t realize until my friend uttered this phrase is that I don’t put God on; I put God in.” Just beautiful!

    Blessings to you,

  4. Loved this. Once again your post relates to what I’m reading or studying and this time Haggai–“consider your ways” and loving the Lord our God will all our heart, soul, and mind. Thank you–will remember “Father filtered”.

  5. What a day brightener! Your post is so filled with love–God’s love for us, our love for Him, and our love for one another. Because, if we have a “God-filtered” day, our day will have an abundance of love. That’s a wonderful prayer for us to say first thing in the morning. Thank you, for this inspiring message.

  6. J.D. such a powerful thought, “A Father-filtered Day!”

    I’ve been studying the first and greatest commandment. Your 3 points sum up how to really live out that Bible passage in our lives! Thank you!

    1. How perfectly said Ms. Stephanie. There’s far too many with religion and far too few with relationship. If we can help ourselves and others to turn this around, I think we’ll see a very different world. That’s not to say that this world will not remain corrupted by sin, but post-rapture, they won’t be worried about over-population any more. 😀 Well said ma’am!

    1. Absolutely true Ms. Marcy. Thank you for that reminder; and thank you also for your great posture tips for homeschooling children this morning. Us old writers needed those also. 🙂 God’s blessings ma’am.

  7. I understand the “fire extinguisher” example; I was the same way until about two-ish years ago. That Bible study sounds interesting. I hope that you and Miss Diane are still fine during this pandemic.

  8. Hi J.D.,
    I am glad you were a part of this study. It is so important to not neglect our own study/fellowship, while “giving out” toward others.
    If we don’t, we may find we have precious little to give.
    I have one I take part in most Monday nights. It has been a true time of growth and blessing.
    Thanks for your insights this week. Enjoyed your comments in the PJNET chat room tonight as well.

    1. How very true Ms. Gena. Some folks think that because we’re an author, speaker, etc. that we’ve “arrived” and don’t need spiritual nourishment. In all honestly, that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Because what we do is an offering to God, it is so very important that we seek His guidance and direction in what we write, say, and do. Honestly, I spend more time in study and prayer since becoming a Christian writer than I did before ma’am. Thank you for all your encouragement and support ma’am.

  9. I love this, J.D. One of your lines hit me: “To experience a “Father-filtered” life, you must invite Him to sit upon the throne of your heart and be a part of your every thought and decision.” May we all take this advice to heart as we allow the Lord to lead us down life’s road.

    1. Amen Ms. Karen. It seems that so many only want to use God as an “in case of emergency” God. One dear friend commented; “God doesn’t want religion, He wants relationship.” I wish I had said it that well. God’s blessings ma’am.

  10. This is great, JD! My favorite line: “To experience a “Father-filtered” life, you must invite Him to sit upon the throne of your heart and be a part of your every thought and decision.” It is so visual for me.

    Too often God is not who (or what) sits on the throne of my heart.

    1. I’m sure glad to know I’m not alone some days Ms. Candyce. While we both may desire to be closer to God, and keep Him in the forefront of our thoughts each day, the world too often intrudes upon our thoughts. Like you, I’m trying to learn that I must invite Him to take His position of honor, glory, and authority in my life each day. He won’t go where He’s not invited will He? God’s blessings my friend; and thank you for ensuring I’m not alone in the struggle.

  11. I love the term “Father-filtered” day. What a perfect way to think of His watchcare and guidance in our lives. Thank you, J. D.

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