My Constant Companion

My friend Mr. Del and I have worked together in the defense and aerospace industry for almost 20 years. I’m certain he’ll agree that he’s become an expert at pulling me off the ceiling from time to time. If he reads this, he’s laughing and nodding his head right now. When I’m working a multi-million dollar proposal for clients, I find reassurance in knowing my friend is right there with me (in most cases), keeping me balanced.

Often faced with mounting pressure, in stress-filled, time-constrained situations, I have a habit of developing a focus on the next goal and can sometimes lose sight of the big picture. When you combine that laser beam focus with an exhausted mind and body, I can become a surly, grumpy old so and so when others attempt to derail my plans. When I start to go over the edge, I can depend on my teammate and friend to pull me back.

Mr. Del has a Master’s degree in aeronautical engineering, while I have degrees in computer science and electronics. As you might expect, we have lots of opinions and go down lots of rat holes as we attempt to find a way to best communicate often complex technical aspects of a solution. Some clients have confused our loud discussions for anger a time or two, but it’s just how we have learned to work together. I think we’ve become more like siblings than team members.

During this last consulting task, he noticed that now and again my smart phone would alarm. I’d glance at it and then decide it was time for a snack. Other times, I would put the Pringles™ or cheese sticks away. When his curiosity finally got the best of him, he asked what was happening. That’s when I explained that since we had worked together last, I was outfitted with a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) device that constantly monitors my blood glucose levels. I explained how the little device attaches to my body and shows me in real time what’s happening with my Type II diabetes.

The system has a sensor with a small lead implanted under my skin every 10 days. Using Bluetooth technology, it pairs with my phone and alarms when my blood sugar gets too low or too high. I showed him the app, explained how it has greatly improved my control, and being the engineer he is, we discussed technology for a while. He agreed that my new constant companion was a good use of technology and pleased that my diabetic health was much better.

Thinking about our conversation later in my hotel room, I realized that not only was my CGM a constant companion, so was my friend Del. Both are with me most of the time when I’m working; and both sound an alarm when things are about to go haywire. Mr. Del keeps me from going ballistic and my CGM keeps me from doing myself harm by losing control of my diabetes.

This led me to recognize another constant companion I rely on in my life, the Holy Spirit. It is His presence that helps guide me through each day. He too sounds alarms when I start getting too worldly; or when my spiritual cup gets low, He urges me to refuel through time with God. And just like my friend Mr. Del or my CGM, if I ignore His alarms, bad things will happen. I wish I could tell you I ignore none of my companions when they attempt to warn me through signals. Since I can’t, I’ll just say I spend way too much time apologizing to my friend, taking glucose gel, or praying for forgiveness.

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As I continue on this journey of faith, I’m learning to follow the Holy Spirit’s urgings more. I thank God for His constant companionship, patience, and the friends He has placed in my life who help me be a better man. I pray you find God a constant companion you can lean upon in your life.

God’s blessings,

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  1. Again, what a wonderful analogy! Perfect! I wish I could say I always hear and heed the promptings of the Holy Spirit, but unfortunately that wouldn’t be true. I am getting more sensitive to His voice though!

    1. I think that’s the goal for each of us as we walk through this journey of sanctification; let us move closer each day. Thank you so much for your always encouraging comments Ms. Ann. What a blessing you are ma’am.

  2. I will admit there are times when I don’t heed the alarms of the Holy Spirit. I want to do the right thing, but pride makes me think my way is better. Lessons are always learned when I remember who my constant companion is and how much He loves me and wants the best for me. Great message.

    1. Awww… thank you Ms. Melissa. It’s comforting to know we don’t walk through these lessons in life alone ma’am. Like you, am thankful He is patient with me as I am learning to walk more closely with Him each day. God’s blessings dear friend.

  3. Well penned, brother J.D. Thank you for this inspirational message reminding us to pay close attention to the Holy Spirit. I give thanks for the technological advances that are helping you to monitor the diabetes, and also for your friend Del.

  4. Jeannie Waters

    J. D., your post reminds me to pay closer attention to God’s ever-present Spirit throughout the day. Like you, I’m learning to listen more closely. What angst I could save myself by making this a more constant practice. Thanks, friend, for sharing truth from your experience.

  5. You are the master craftsman of analogy, J.D. Thankful for your work and CGM companions. But, I have to agree, our most helpful companion on the spiritual journey is the Holy Spirit. I pray to hear and heed His alarms more and more in my life. His alarms not only keep me on God’s path, but bring life to my weary soul.

    1. Amen Ms. Karen. You and I both my young friend. Am learning more and more to come to Him when I need rest and spiritual refilling. It’s almost as though He’s saying “Let me carry your load for a while.” Praise to our load-bearing Lord. God’s blessings ma’am.

  6. You are so good at finding God in the daily walk of life. When will they develop an app for Holy Spirit detection? The one we have takes fine tuning and lots of training to hear and heed. Mine needs a louder volume because I’m ‘hard of hearing’ and maybe a shock feature for when I veer off course. Perhaps I need increased volume because I don’t charge the batteries often enough….. Great reminder, my friend. I really need a probe…

    1. It certainly does require a lot of fine-tuning, to become attuned to His voice Ms. Cathy. Am laughing with you as I think of God with His finger hovering over the button; “Don’t do it. I know you’re thinking about it, but don’t say it. I don’t want to zing you, but you’re not listening.” It’s sort of like that warning buzzer on a dog’s training collar. Here’s your warning. Next time this is gonna hurt. Am so glad He’s a loving, patient God my friend.

  7. I’m thankful for your CGM companion, as are all your friends. It’s amazing how far technology has come over the years, having been close to diabetics growing up. Love your analogy. I pray the Lord keeps me sensitive to sin so I can repent quickly and move forward…but I admit, a beep would amazing! 🙂 Thanks, J.D.!

    1. You and me both Ms. Cathy. Sometimes, I wish He would have equipped me with a “Mute button” so He can shut my big mouth when I start to put it in motion before my brain is in gear. 🙂 Thank you ma’am.

  8. Kathy Collard Miller

    J.D., I love this example. Great motivation to be alert to the Holy Spirit’s leading. I started being very aware of “abiding” a few years ago and your example is the perfect example of abiding! Thank you!

  9. J.D, you have such a wonderful way of discovering the perfect analogies. I’m grateful the Holy Spirit leads me with as much patience as He does. Time following after the Master continues to help me hear His voice, but sometimes I fail to take heed.

    Thank you for the encouragement!

    Peace and grace,

  10. JD, Thankful for your glucose alarm as it monitors to protect. I loved the analogy of the Holy Spirit alarm for us to do the same, guide us to right choices, forego others that may be appealing, but not healthy–maybe an extra piece of chocolate for you and well, for us it’s individual as the Spirit guides and convicts. This is another memorable post with a visual /auditory image. Thanks again.

  11. Thanks for the honest look at what helps you stay steady: a close friend, a monitor, and the Holy Spirit. The first two are hard to ignore, but sometimes I ignore, or even steamroll over the Holy Spirit’s gentle hints.
    Thanks for the reminder — once again. 🙂

    1. Amen Ms. Jackie. I think we all overlook, or ignore, the Holy Spirit’s presence from time to time. I think this is what is referred to as grieving the Holy Spirit. I know that when I’ve done it, I can sure feel it afterwards through His convictions.

    1. You and be both Ms. Sylvia. My joy was in the discovery a few weeks ago. I’ve know He’s been with me for many years, but I never came to appreciate Him like I did last month. 🙂 God’s blessings ma’am.

  12. That’s just like you, J.D., to turn a major health concern into a teaching moment. As a medical technologist, I am fascinated by your monitoring device and am curious how and where the “small lead” is implanted. Perhaps I shall look that up. Thanks for sharing, for uplifting, and educating us.

    1. I just knew you would be the one to ask about my CGM Ms. Karen. The small, oval sensor has what looks like a monofilament lead that periodically (I think every 5 mins.) samples my interstitial fluid. I wear the device on my tummy, switching sides every 10 days when I place a new sensor. Very little calibration is needed and it has eliminated all but three or four fingersticks a month (I test manually after a new sensor to check calibration), which is far better than four or five times per day. I’m glad you enjoyed the post ma’am. Sometimes I worry to share too much. 🙂

    1. What a very kind thing to say Ms. Deborah. Thank you so much ma’am. I’m far from perfect, but our God is, and with His help, we’ll all get there one day. Am so pleased you enjoyed the post ma’am. I think I’m coming to understand that God doesn’t expect my perfection, He expects my willingness to let Him continue preparing me for eternity.

  13. What a great analogy for these modern times. Just shows some things never change – we can find God anywhere we look for Him!

    I, too, am working to be more attuned to the Holy One’s presence.

    1. Yes ma’am Ms. Candyce. He’s always there, we just have to listen and look don’t we. I too am learning to seek Him always in my life. When I can’t feel His presence, I start to worry. 🙂

    1. Thank you Ms. Stephanie. Am so pleased you enjoyed it ma’am. I sometimes wonder “How did I make it all those years without Him?” I smile to myself at that thought these days, because I know now that He was there with me, even though I wouldn’t or couldn’t recognize Him.

  14. We are blessed to have the Holy Spirit as our constant companion (helps us stay out of trouble). And, like you, I’m blessed to have friends that always help me stay out of trouble when they see me teetering on the edge. God sends them in when needed so that is another blessing. Thank you for reminding me–sometimes I forget how blessed I am.

    1. Oh you and me both Ms. Katherine. We do need those God sends our way to help us in our journey don’t we my friend? I’m so glad He saw fit to introduce us my friend.

  15. I’m thankful the Holy Spirit is always with me and leading me. I enjoy the company of other companions as well and am grateful for their encouragement to stay focused on the Lord.

  16. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. Your kindness as a human being and your posts as a writer are a companion to many of us who know you and read your blog. Do we heed the alarms? Well, this post is an alarm from the Holy Spirit. Although I’m very outgoing, my natural state is to isolate, so this is an important reminder to me. Thank you, brother.

    1. Thank you Pastor Joshua. I’m with you sir, in that I much prefer to be a private person. God is blessing me though through this post. I look at all the wonderful people who share with me here, and I am inspired to open up and share with people more. God’s blessings sir.

  17. Thank you for reminding me how important to listen to the alarms of the Holy Spirit. If Jesus thought it important enough to tell his followers that he would send an advocate to be with us forever, then the least I should do is make sure I listen to his prompting! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Dorothy Fairchild

    Takes practice remembering God’s unfailing promises. Thanks JD for reminding of the importance of keeping the brain in gear. I’m grateful that humble Brother Lawrence also urged us to Practice the Presence of God. We’re so blessed, right?

    1. Thanks “Cousin Dorothy”; it certainly does take practice to learn to stay attuned to the Holy Spirit in our lives. Well said ma’am. We are very blessed indeed ma’am. God’s blessings sweet lady; and thank you so much for joining in our conversation.

  19. J. D., what a great analogy. The Holy Spirit not only is a friend but he perfectly senses my innermost thoughts and knows when I am off kilter.

  20. I love this! The Holy Spirit is our guide though I wish I heard an audible beep when I need correction or guidance as sometimes I miss His cue! Thanks for the great post!

    1. I wish I heard that beep also Ms. Kelly. More often than not, the Holy Spirit has to shout His warnings in my soul. Like you, I’m doing my best to become more attuned to His call. God’s blessings ma’am.

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