A Good Tired

Every muscle ached, legs felt mired in concrete, shirt soaked through with sweat; still I hadn’t felt this alive in months. In my sixth month of shoulder rehab, I knew the last warm day of the year had arrived. I called a young friend from church to help. This past Saturday was the first full day of work around the ranch I’ve done since June. Boy, did it feel good!

Still unable to load or unload sacks of feed, I’m working to regain arm strength and shoulder flexibility. I’m not there yet; nor am I expected to be, but when projects you’ve needed to do around the ranch for months beckon, you “suck it up buttercup” and get them done.

With help, fencing repairs, feedlot organization, barn cleaning, and preparation for the coming winter months gave me enough projects for the day. It felt good to put in the first full day of work (ten hours) on the Cross-Dubya in a long time. There’s more to do; like fell a dead tree before the rest of it falls on my fence. A project for another day. As the sun was sitting, I breathed a huge sigh of relief at everything we accomplished.

Walking inside, I told Diane I needed a shower and would make us a pizza for dinner afterwards. Exhausted, I shuffled down the hallway, adding “Tonight, I’m a good tired.” Good tired may be a new phrase to some of you, but it’s how I’ve expressed my satisfaction with my day for as long as I can remember. Many will ask “If there’s a good tired, then is there also a bad tired?” You better believe it; and in my life I think I’ve had more bad ones than good ones.

A good tired comes from a hard day’s work that results in the feeling you’ve accomplished something; that you’ve made a positive difference. In those moments, we are at peace with ourselves. Our breathing and pulse is slower, our spirit settled, and our mind is at ease. Conversely, a bad tired is often the result of struggling through your day, dealing with everyone else’s problems, needs, demands, and complaints. You’re left stressed out, hyper-sensitive, and unsettled.

In either case, we need to rest and restore our strength to face the next day. I’ve found that on those bad days, rest was difficult to achieve. My mind would replay the day’s events as if I were attempting to somehow change the event or its outcome. I would lie in bed tossing and turning; or more often rise and play out the day in my mind all over again. The problem with that is it changed nothing and just made the next day more difficult because I didn’t get the rest I needed.

Something I’ve discovered is that the decision to have a good day or a bad day is up to you. In this world, bad things will happen to us. Christ told us to expect this in John 16:33. How we handle those events determines our day. With God’s peace, we are better prepared to deal with the unexpected trials and demands placed upon us. We can deal with what comes and still move towards our goals and objectives.

Whether we spend our day doing physical labor or working with our minds, we must rest. The best rest I have found is resting in the Lord; and a good tired makes that much easier to do. On those days, I am reminded of the words of the prophet Jeremiah, who stated God’s promise to His people. “I will strengthen the weary and renew those who are weak.” (Jeremiah 31:25 CEB) When we rest in the Lord, we are renewed.

Entering into God’s rest is a simple thing to do. We need to quit striving to be perfect and eliminate our restlessness. We must put away our culture of competitiveness and always striving to be first, best, or most important; and place our lives into God’s capable hands. It is only when we purposely seek His presence that He acts to restore us. When we let go of our attempt to control our lives, we find rest in God. God can then work His miraculous wonders in our lives—bringing us the inner peace and rest we all seek.

When I busy myself with the things of this world, God waits; but when I surrender my time to Him, to rest in Him, He acts. Click To Tweet

I pray each of you seek His peace to start and end each day and achieve many more good tired days in your lives.

God’s blessings,

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  1. I relate to good and bad tired–been in both places. Even the bad tired with the right attitude and focus can become good. “They who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. ” taking time (especially when we think we don’t have much to spare) to pause to refresh and rethink purpose and time. But yes,the good tired is really good! Thanks again for an excellent post to wake up to.

    1. It sure can Ms. Marilyn. Great point ma’am. Even when the “world roughs us up”, if we’ll just remember to give it to God in prayer, He can turn it around and bring us wonderful, refreshing peace and rest my friend. Well said! 🙂

  2. I know the feeling of a “good tired”. Often when I feel that way, I pause and thank God for the ability to do things that give me a “good tired”. Have a wonderful and blessed day dear friend.

    1. Amen! What an important reminder Ms. Melissa. We must remember that we derive our strength from Him, so whenever we achieve a “good tired”, we must remember to thank Him for His blessing and watch care over us. As Ms. Marilyn Nutter reminds us below, even on our “bad tired” days, He’s always there for us to give them over to Him. God’s blessings dear friend.

  3. Glad for your good-tired kind of day, J.D. And appreciate how you distinguish between the good ones and the bad ones. Thankful “when we purposely seek His presence that He acts to restore us.” After all He is our good Shepherd and “makes me lie down in great pastures” and “leads me beside still waters” and “restores my soul.” (Psalm 23:2-3a)

    1. Thank you Ms. Karen. I’m still sore from it, but even that feels good as I’ve used muscles I haven’t used in a while. 🙂 For me, I don’t think there’s anything better than when a cow sticks their wet nose on you and waits for you to pet them or scratch their face. I love being outside with fresh air, the sun rays, and God all around me. It makes me feel more alive if that makes any sense. There are so many wonderful verses that deliver His promises aren’t there? 😀

    1. Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family also Ms. Starr. I think most of us experience both of them; and I’m guessing we would all prefer the good over the bad. The secret, I think, is that we have the power to make them all good days if we just commit ourselves to seeking the good rather than seeing the bad in situations. God’s blessings ma’am.

    1. So well said Ms. Sylvia. We can indeed find rest, regardless of circumstances in our lives, if we just go to Him in surrender ma’am. Oh how often I have forgotten He’s there waiting for me to give it to Him, but He won’t take it until I ask Him to. God’s blessings sweet friend.

  4. It’s wonderful you are seeing progress in your recovery. Getting back to normal (or something like it) is a relief. I love those “good tired” times too. You said, “It is only when we purposely seek His presence that He acts to restore us. When we let go of our attempt to control our lives, we find rest in God.” Amen to that!

    1. So pleased to know you experience them also Ms. Dottie. It’s those moments that give us strength to face the “bad tired” days that come along now and again. God’s blessings ma’am.

  5. I love ‘good tired’. There’s such a sense of accomplishment. That’s sometimes when I forget to thank God for all that He and I were able to do together. A good reminder my friend. Glad the shoulder is progressively stronger. Keep at those exercises!

    1. Thank you so much Ms. Cathy. I still can’t get my own luggage in the airplane’s overhead bin, but we’re going to get there. God bless the inventor of those resistance bands. 🙂 Merry CHRISTmas to you and your wonderful family ma’am.

  6. I love this thought, J.D.: “The best rest I have found is resting in the Lord; and a good tired makes that much easier to do.” Because, a “good” tired usually means I feel like I’ve done what God wanted me to do for that day, what He wanted me to accomplish and not my own selfish motives. So that good tired helps me rest in the Lord. That’s powerful to encourage me to be sure that I AM doing His work each day, and then that rest should come easier. Glad to see that you are getting back to doing what you love so much, but please don’t overdo, J.D,! You sure don’t want to undo what the surgeons repaired!! Blessings and Merry Christmas!

    1. Amen Ms. Julie. I surely don’t want to undue all of Dr. Graves’ good work, but it’s hard not to force my arm to do what I need to do. I think the hardest thing has been having to rely on others to do things for me, like unloading a thousand pounds of feed from the back of the truck. It sounds silly, as sometimes I would have to sit and eat a nitro now and again, but I miss little things like that. I thank God for sending me friends and neighbors who are so willing to help, but I am learning so much humility through this. Am learning it’s okay to stand by and watch someone do my work for me as it gives them the blessings of serving God, just like when I would help them. I thank God each day for His patient teaching. Merry CHRISTmas sweet friend.

    1. Thank you so much Ms. Gail. Am so glad you enjoyed the post ma’am. I somehow knew you had heard that term in the past; and I suspect we’ll see it in one of your wonderful historical novels in the future. God’s blessings ma’am.

  7. I know exactly what good tired and bad tired feels like! There’s nothing like the satisfaction of a day of work well done. And though our minds or bodies may be weary, it’s easier to be still when we’re in the good tired state of mind.

    Here’s to doing all I can to turn “bad tired” kind of days into “good tired” ones. With the right attitude I can salvage more of the bad ones than I do.

    Thank you for this message.

    1. You and me both Ms. Candyce. One of the things I ask for in prayer each day is that the Holy Spirit show me the good in every seemingly bad situation; helping me to win the battlespace of my mind. God’s blessings ma’am; and thank you so much for all your encouragement.

  8. You’re so right — a good or bad day is a choice we make every day. I’ve been MIA for the past couple of weeks after becoming very sick the day after Thanksgiving. I missed a lot of posts from friends but thankful to be back. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you and your sweet wife, J.D.

    1. Am praying you and Mr Brian are both fully recovered and doing well Ms. Cathy. Loved your finished Tiny House tour video ma’am. You are right ma’am; each day we need to make a choice. God’s blessings and Merry CHRISTmas Baker family.

  9. I like that you said having a good day or a bad day is up to us. Very often I rise grumpy. If I don’t take that old bull by the horns, the rest of the day becomes gripe, moan, sniffle, stamp foot, brood, whine, and pout.
    But If I do lasso that old bull, it quickly becomes cowhide and I have the rest of the day for the joy and service of the Lord.

    1. Same here some days Ms. Jackie. In fact, my wife used to have a sign that read “Some mornings I wake up grumpy. Other mornings I just let that rascal sleep.” 😀 You are absolutely right though; when we see it (or it’s pointed out to us; my wife calls it “Mr. Grumpy Pants”), we must call on our gift of self-control to bring it to an end. I still have lots of growth in this gift to do, but I do try to improve with each passing year. God’s blessings my friend.

  10. Hi J.D.
    Your “good tired” sounds as though it was a day of gratitude and satisfaction in the work He created for you to do. What a blessing! Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom. Well said, friend! Peace, grace, and continued healing, Tammy

    1. It surely was Ms. Tammy. I call them “Heart Hugs”, whenever I feel that strong connection with God. I usually turn into a big ‘ol puddle, but that’s okay when the come in the shower. No one but God knows. 🙂 Thank you for all your well wishes ma’am. I’m working hard to get there.

  11. Excellent post. I’ve had many nights of “bad sleep”, and I dealt with severe anxiety for over two years. Growing in my faith has been the biggest help for me. I am glad that you were finally able to have an enjoyable, productive day!

    1. I can only imagine the nights you and your family have gone through Ms. Robin. What I know is that God can restore all of it for you. That’s been my prayer for you and your husband James since we first connected this year. And it will continue to be until I hear and see otherwise sweet friend. God’s blessings; and thank you for your well wishes. It feels good to be able to do a bit more. Like you; I’m not there yet, but I’m on my way. 🙂

  12. I’m so happy for you to be able to work, a “good work.” I totally relate to a good tired and a bad tired. And it relates to both productivity but even more attitude. I’m rejoicing with you and trust the Lord will continue the healing of your shoulder.

    1. Awww… thank you Ms. Kathy. Isn’t it funny the role our attitude has in our productivity. I can remember how Mom would clean house on Saturday mornings, before her standing hair appointment with Tippy’s in the afternoon. She would sing, hum, and almost dance as she busily went around the house cleaning. For her, it was a labor of love, as she enjoyed being a wife and mother more than all the other things she did in life. I’ve never enjoyed that aspect of home life that much, but I understand it when I’m outdoors doing something in God’s creation. God’s blessings ma’am.

    1. If we can remember to do that (stay out of our own way and let Him do His work in our lives) more often, I too think we would have more “good tired” days Ms. LuAnn. You are spot on ma’am. Merry CHRISTmas.

  13. Ya know, I’ve never given thought to “good tired” versus “bad tired” until reading this.
    I know for me, striving and worrying have cost me sleep when I’m “bad tired.”

    Praise the Lord that He always invites us to lay our burdens at His feet so we can rest.

    1. Amen Ms. Beckie. Even when we’ve caused our own “bad tired” moments, He’s there waiting for us to find rest in Him isn’t He ma’am? What a loving and merciful God we serve. Like a good parent; He always loves us.

  14. I definitely relate to this testimony, J.D., especially to the challenge of rehab and the struggle to get back to some reasonable level of functioning after a long period of watching things pile up that I couldn’t do. I also recognize your well-developed picture of the “good tired” experience. My wife’s name is Diane, too, and I’ve done a few pizzas for her over the years as well. All in all, a piece that is both uplifting and challenging. Thanks

    1. Am finding much in common Mr. Ron; which should frighten you considerably my friend. Am guessing that you view your Ms. Diane as “God’s Gift” also sir. The pain from the surgery is nothing compared to the huge slice of humble pit God has force-fed me as I’ve had to watch, and learn to depend on, others do what (in my mind at least) I was supposed to be doing. Yessir, it felt good to be “good tired” again. Am still sore from it, but it’s a “good sore” too. 🙂 God’s blessings Mr. Ron; and Merry CHRISTmas sir. I’ve ordered your book.

    1. Thank you Ms. Diane. I so appreciate your continued prayers as I rehab and work to get stronger. I’d heard shoulder surgery required a long recovery time, but truly never understood how long. I know it will be worth it, but like writing, it can be a long journey. Wonderful friends like you make it easier though. God’s blessings ma’am.

  15. Have enjoyed catching up with your blogs from the past few weeks. I am pleased to say I have felt more “good tired” days since retiring. Interestingly, I have discovered not only a difference in good and bad tired but what actually now makes me tired!

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