Come Spring

Farmers and ranchers spend our winters anticipating the coming of spring. As cold winter days and sometimes-frigid nights give way to milder temperatures, we see signs of spring’s arrival all around us. Storm fronts replace cold fronts. Pastures begin their “green up” as the rye grass and clover sprout. The dreary landscape of grays and browns come alive with color, signaling us to begin again.

We ready hay equipment and separate cows for spring calving or wean last year’s fall calves. Spring means it’s time to clean out the winter hay buildup from the stall floors in the barn, clear fallen branches, repair fencing, and prepare garden beds. It seems everything on a farm is cyclical in its timing. We prepare, sow, harvest, and store. Take a short break for winter; then apply, rinse, repeat.

God orders our lives in much the same way. When we’re children, parents prepare us for life. They sow morality, values, character, and life skills into us. Growing into adolescence, we begin to sow. Sometimes we don’t always sow the same things our parents attempted to teach us. As we mature, our fruit ripens. During this time, we sow the seeds of faith to help lead souls to Him. Then comes God’s harvest. In doing so, we store up rewards in heaven for our faithfulness.

Our lives as Christians often see different spiritual seasons. When we become new Christians, we enter a spring season. Our “new creation” (2 Corinthians 5:17) sprouts forth and blooms. We grow in our knowledge of our Savior and our faith. Spring often brings storms, but we need the storms to help us strengthen and grow. Relaxing, warm days of summer arrive as we reach a level of maturity in our faith and level out; not growing as much. During summer seasons, heat waves—often in the form of trials in our lives—attempt to overtake us. Withstanding the heat, we find our faith deepens.

When fall arrives, we are ready for cooler days. Like leaves on trees, fall often brings a “falling away” in our lives. Sometimes this is the removal of old, worldly habits and idols from our lives. Other times, losing friends and family shake us to our core. Fall also brings the harvest. During fall our spiritual lives can bring the most glory and honor to God through the harvest of our faithful acts in His name.

Alas, winter arrives and we recharge our batteries and prepare for the next spring season to come. It is during our winters we prepare ourselves to begin anew by learning new things and developing new skills.

Whatever spiritual season you find yourself in; may you always remember that God will be there with you throughout. Share on X

God’s blessings…

10 thoughts on “Come Spring”

  1. Lots of work on ranches and farms. I hope you have help with all that stall mucking out! Tough on shoulders! (I used to clean 9 horse stalls daily.)
    We have helpers in our Christian life as well – to lighten the load and to tell us to keep going, keep being faithful, and to pray for us. I’m glad I can be that to you and to others. And I’m thankful for all your inspiration, smiles, and reminders of truth in YOUR writing.

    1. HaHa! It is tough on the shoulders Ms. Jackie, which is part of the reason why I think I need to get them repaired. Diane and I are very blessed to have wonderful neighbors and friends who are always willing to lift us up in prayer and help where they can. Thank you for all your prayers and counsel my friend. God’s blessings.

  2. Send some of that Texas spring to Missouri, will ya? The average temp should be 50; it’s been in the 20-30s. We missed school because of snow/ice in March! Complaining aside, I do love spring, the renewal literally and figuratively. And long winters like this remind me to appreciate and not take for granted the beauty ahead.

    1. I hear ya’ Ms. Karen. It was 19 degrees when I arrived home from SC Monday night. Today, it’s sunny and 78 degrees. Ahhh spring. There is something about the spring “green up” that sets my heart afire. It gives me hope for the coming harvest, both literally and spiritually. God’s blessings ma’am.

  3. Sarah Van Diest

    I always enjoy and appreciate your words and thoughts, J.D. –Thank you for sharing them!! Oh, that spring would come!!!!

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