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Last fall, I took a photo of Frances (aka “Baby”; and yes, Diane loves the movie Dirty Dancing) and Uno, the first calf born here on the Cross-Dubya. As they lay together on a sunny afternoon, it struck me how much mother and daughter look alike. With the exception of being two and a half years apart and which ear their eartag is in, there’s little difference. At eighteen months old, the daughter is a mirror image of her mama.

Like Frances, Uno is a gentle cow who, while skittish, is easy to work around as long as you’re slow and deliberate. Neither is pushy or bossy, and they get along with everyone else with their calm demeanor. I’m praying, as Uno’s bred the first time this year, she has calves with those same traits.

When Prancer, Frances’ second calf, was born in December, Uno was “Mama’s not-so-little helper.” She helped the little calf find her way around, taught her where to go for safety and to find water, and always kept a watchful eye as their mama rested or fed. It was almost funny to watch how Uno would maneuver herself to ensure she stayed between me and her little sister.

Thinking about how much mother and daughter are alike, the fruit of the Spirit came to mind. Reciting Galatians 5:22-23 to myself, I thought about how the Holy Spirit has helped manifest these and other gifts into my life, each in varying degrees. I have more godly love than before. I try to always be kind to others; and I pray for more patience and self-control each day.

Nearing New Year’s Eve, I reflect upon the past year to identify where I’ve grown in each of these areas. The fruits of the Spirit show me the character traits that Jesus Christ exhibited during His time on earth. If I can see even a little growth in each area, then I am satisfied that I’m “staying the course” and living in God’s will. If not, then I ask God’s help to correct my course and lead me back to the path He wants me on.

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I accept that while I remain human, and bound to this fallen world, I will never attain the perfection that God’s word promises me. Upon my completed glorification, I will be made fully pleasing and acceptable to be in the presence of God. Understanding perfection will never occur during my human life makes it easier for me to defend Satan’s attacks, doubting my worthiness to serve God. I don’t have to be perfect; my brother, Lord, and Savior paid that price for me.

I pray we become more like Jesus, our brother who sits at the right hand of God, with each passing day. When I mess up, which is often, I like to think my Savior is sitting there saying “It’s okay Abba, he’s family and we’ll make it right soon. See… he’s bowing his head now.”

God’s blessings…

30 thoughts on “Mirror Images”

  1. Amen. The more I am in God’s Word each day, the more patience and compassion I have for others. I pray I become more like Jesus with each passing day. I always enjoy your messages. 🙂 Have a blessed week!

  2. When we want to accomplish something, we set goals. That includes our faith life as well. And we need to measure our growth, just as you do when you reflect back on your year.

    True, we’ll never gain perfection in this world. But each small step toward becoming more like Christ is a step in the right direction!

    1. Me too Ms. Debbie. I’m certain that when that upward call comes and I meet my Savior face to face, He’s going to grin, wipe His brow, and say “Whew! What a project you were brother.” I’ll be so grateful He never gave up on me.

  3. Gerry Anne Wakeland

    J.D., I love reading your posts because they provoke the most odd questions in this city girl’s mind. Things like, do cows really understand the concept of relation, mother, daughter, sister? Or, I thought all cows looked alike. Aren’t all black Angus solid black? I guess you can see that I probably need something more productive to do with my time. But I do love your cows and your posts. And no, I did not miss the spiritual application.

    1. They are each unique, with unique personalities Ms. Gerry, just like us ma’am. The one who is sweet, gentle, and nurturing like you is “Yolanda” my friend. She’s unassuming with a lively spirit inside. I love how she trots over to see me when I call out to her. Like you, always a friend. Thank you, and God’s blessings ma’am.

  4. I hope and pray I’ll become more like Him every day. I’m exceedingly grateful we have Christ interceding on our behalf.

    These words are lovely…When I mess up, which is often, I like to think my Savior is sitting there saying “It’s okay Abba, he’s family and we’ll make it right soon. See… he’s bowing his head now.”

    May this be my posture every day!


    1. Awww… thank you Ms. Tammy. I pray for the same each day too; just help me to become more like You Lord. Thank you so much for your comments ma’am. You inspire me to do better. Thank You!

  5. I have heard of books about lessons people learned from their dogs, and even cats.

    And now cows…

    I know this isn’t a “deep spiritual” comment.

    But, isn’t it true that we learn … when we make ourselves teachable? When our heart is yielded to the Lord.

    And God can use cows to teach us!

    1. Why thank you so much Ms. Kathy. Have missed your posts ma’am; praying all is well. You’re right though, the Creator of all things (even cattle) can use anything (people, animals, all of nature) He wants to teach us if we will only open ourselves up to learn from Him.

  6. As a Mom of daughters, your post caught my eye and is convicting. As a grandmother to eight, the same. Ultimately I don’t want them to look like me but the Jesus part of me. You said it well. Thanks for another inspiring post.

    1. What sweet comments Ms. Marilyn. For what it’s worth ma’am; if any of your daughters and grandchildren grow to become like you, our world will be blessed indeed ma’am.

  7. I love that you let your farm “chores” teach you lessons about God’s character and about His perfect Son. Thanks for the reminder that God is speaking to me every day through my surroundings, activities, His creations, and more. Most especially through His words inspired and written so long ago in my precious Bible.

  8. I see this in John 15 – when the master gardener cuts and prunes. He does it so that the part of us that doesn’t look like Christ is taken away to be replaced by what does look like Christ, and then we have the responsibility to let God cultivate his image over and over again in our lives until we truly do reflect his image. I love the cows and the lessons you share from the farm!

    1. Bless your heart Ms Denise. Like the others who comment here, your words expand God’s glory each time you reply. Thank you so much for allowing God to validate my efforts (I’m in His will) through your kindness my friend. What a blessing I’ve received this morning,

  9. LuAnn Edwards

    I love your cow stories. I heard a preacher recently say that cows are ugly. I disagree! Frances and Uno are beautiful! I, too, pray that I become more like Jesus with each passing day.

    1. Thank you so much Ms. LuAnn. While God has made some ugly creatures (me being chief among them to borrow a phrase from Paul), cows are definitely not counted among them. I think wa can all share in your prayer ma’am

  10. I always find your posts so encouraging, J.D. I love the idea of checking our spiritual fruit’s growth each year, asking God to keep us on course as we move toward His glory. Wonderful… and any post with a cow illustration is always good with me.

    1. Thanks Pastor Joshua. Coming from you, I feel blessed indeed by your comments sir. As for my lessons from the cows; I thank God each day for allowing me the blessings of learning from Him each day in this way. Although I’m certain He sees me more as my donkey than my cattle most days. 🙂

  11. Oh, yes, to become more like our Father and our dear Savior! It is a process and so encouraging to see progress.
    As always, I enjoyed your post JD and especially loved your ending: “When I mess up, which is often, I like to think my Savior is sitting there saying ‘It’s okay Abba, he’s family and we’ll make it right soon. See… he’s bowing his head now.'”

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