My Travel Companion

Whether driving around the farm in my ATV or heading to the feed store, almost every trip finds my faithful traveling companion at my side. Bubba the chocolate lab has become a fixture in the seat beside me. In my ATV, he noses his way under my arm and lays his head on my chest. In my pickup, he sits in the passenger seat and intently watches the road. He looks at everything we pass by with interest.

It’s comical to watch him turn around and continue viewing the fishermen sitting on the bridge at Brushy Creek as we drive by. Whatever vehicle I’m in, Bubba has learned to wait (most times) for the command to “Load.” Upon that word, he quickly assumes his position beside me. When he’s taken in the sights, he paws for my hand and moves it into position atop the console. Then he lays down, placing his head on my hand.

As you might surmise, Bubba the chocolate lab and I are close buddies. In fact, he’s often my prayer partner. He sits quietly beside me on mornings when we sit on top of our hill and I pray as the sun rises. He senses when I’m burdened and will lie on the seat and place his head on my lap. When joyful, he’s playful and nips at my ear or gloved hand.

The fellas at our local feed store get quite a chuckle out of Bubba when I back into the warehouse and go inside to make my purchase. As they’re loading sacks of feed or bales of hay into the back, all one hundred four pounds of Bubba climbs on top of my console. From his perch, he peers out the rear window at them, watching their every move. What a sight to see as I emerge through the door and Bubba walks around in circles on top of my console.

Sometimes I go to appointments, shopping, or run other errands where I don’t want to leave him alone for that long. On those days, I bring him a Milk Bone™, tell him to take care of mama, and I leave him looking forlorn in the driveway. Upon my return, he’s always the first one to greet me, dancing and running in circles as I come down the drive. I’m lucky to get the door open before his paws are on the floorboard. He juts out his face; waiting for me to pat his head or scratch his ears.

I can’t always take my buddy Bubba with me when traveling, but someone I always invite along is my Lord. Before starting the engine or boarding the plane, I silently ask God to be with me, keeping me, my ranch, and my family safe until I return. I realize ours is an omnipresent God, who has promised to always be with us; yet I find a comfort in His knowing I’ve invited Him to come with me. I enjoy knowing all I say and do is before His eyes. There is a great comfort in knowing He is with me, everywhere I go.

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In inviting Christ to come along, I remind myself of who I am traveling with, who I represent. Do I behave different because of who has come along with me? I hope not, but if that helps me remember who I am supposed to be, then I am grateful for His companionship.

God’s blessings…

20 thoughts on “My Travel Companion”

  1. From your descriptions, I can picture your faithful canine friend enjoying your companionship. Remembering that God is always with us reminds us to enjoy His company and remember that we are His. Thank you for this precious post to remind us.

    1. Thank you Ms. Jeannie. It’s funny ma’am; as I was taking that photo (the one on the left in the ATV), I was thinking that very same thing. “Lord, thank you for allowing me to lean into, and lean on, You just as my buddy does me.” Isn’t it wonderful to know our God is always there for us; even when we don’t even think about His being there?

  2. What a delightful description of the relationship between you and Bubba— truly this man’s best buddy.
    You have beautifully linked that sweet relationship to that of our faithful Heavenly Father, always present and always dependable.
    As always, I enjoyed your post.

    1. How sweet Ms. Connie. I pray I’m as good a friend to God as my buddy Bubba is to me. I wrote my first children’s book this weekend, in an attempt to settle down my 11-year old pseudo grandson. What a hoot! I thought of you my sweet friend.

  3. Awww, I love dogs. I love their loyalty and unconditional love. Just like our Lord. Great post J.D. to remind us of the Savior’s love and his abiding presence.
    I love that you invite Him with you. That’s an excellent reminder for us to always invite Jesus to come with us where ever we go.

    1. Thanks Ms. Stephanie. My pal Bubba is sure a great object lesson for me on love and forgiveness. I’ve oft wondered about that whole “are they semordnilap or palindromes ” thing. I learn a great deal about how God treats me by the way my friend Bubba does. God’s blessings ma’am.

    1. Thank you Ms. Lori. So glad you enjoyed ma’am. Would always welcome new ideas about my “ranch life.” We’ve got a Bubba, a temperamental donkey, cows of all breeds and sizes, and lots of hungry barn cats. God teaches us lots out here each day ma’am.

  4. Thanks for sharing about Bubba. What a sweet companion! Great message reminding us to think about who we are traveling with and who we represent. I pray I am showing God’s love wherever I go. 🙂 Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks Ms. Beckie. I can say the same for yours ma’am ( Although I always have to stop and prayerfully consider the great lessons you bring us with your words ma’am. What a blessing! 😀

  5. A man and his dog! I enjoyed this post tremendously. It reminds me of my brother whose chocolate lab loved riding in the back of his pickup. They are both gone now, so this provoked a sweet memory.

    Bubba as your prayer partner. I like that image.

    1. Thank you Ms. Candace. Am glad you enjoyed ma’am. I pray the memories were good ones. It always amazes me how God use anyone or any thing to show His presence in our lives isn’t it? Even a silly old lab who smiles when you rub his tummy. God’s blessings and Happy Easter ma’am.

  6. My dog Rock would sit in the passenger seat of my SUV, and every time I got out he’d scoot over.
    One day at the gas station the young attendant said, “someone’s trying to steal your car!”
    I glanced over and said, “I’ve told him he’s too young to drive but he won’t listen…”

    1. I love it Ms. Kari Grace. Bubba hops over into the driver’s seat every now and again. I tell him to “Squeeze over there Squeezebox” and he returns to his seat. “He’s too young to drive!” I’ll have to remember that retort. Thanks for sharing ma’am. God’s blessings.

  7. I’m trying to invite Christ along with me more often! What a great reminder that we have the Holy Spirit with us always in the passenger seat!

    1. Thanks Ms. Kelly. I somehow always imagine you with Christ nearby. Perhaps it’s because whenever I see you in a photo, I see you smiling with dancing eyes. I think this the joy of our Lord shining through young lady. God’s blessings on this joyous Easter weekend.

  8. I’m late reading this, but how appropriate for my recent travels. Truly the Lord was with us, blessing our ministry, keeping us well, encouraging us and others through us. Without Him we can do nothing.

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