How Far We’ve Come

I read an article published in The New American by Mr. Bob Unger, entitled Requiem for America? (you can find this article at This well-written article stirred strong emotions in me.

I try to practice what God’s word teaches me; I am to deal with my anger not with righteous indignation but with prayer. If I show God’s love to others—rather than secular/worldly disgust for those people and ideals different from me—I can help them see Christ in me. I may not always agree with our politics in this nation; yet I believe in each person’s right to follow their conscience and express their beliefs.

Both sides of the political spectrum often leave me with a terrible aftertaste that makes me want to vote them all out and start over. Many of today’s news headlines (e.g. abortion, tyranny, hatred, racial discord, removal of God from the public eye, etc.) upset me. When this happens, I stop and remind myself I am no longer of this world. As a Christian, I’m not to support or agree with things of this world, but with godly things. Why? I am no longer of this world; heaven is my home. I long to go there; in God’s time.

Looking back on my life, I can see how far the moral decline in our nation has come. I remember how shocked I was when the government removed prayer from our schools. Rather than the principal or a faculty member leading a short prayer, broadcasted over the loudspeakers to every classroom, some allowed for a “moment of silence.” I remember in high school how I, and other members of our JROTC Battalion Staff, started the day by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance with the entire school.

And when the school board frowned upon “moments of silence”, I took a long pause before making other announcements to start the day. Yes, in my way, I railed against authority even then. As I’ve grown older, I speak out far less often. Have I mellowed or decided since I can’t force my beliefs and opinions on anyone else, I should be silent and let my actions speak for me? These past weeks have shown me one thing for certain. My silence signals I’ve given up the fight; and that is not acceptable.

The way this article’s author showed how we are losing more of our Constitutional Republic with each passing year bothered me. Many new laws that legalize sinful, immoral behavior upset me. The thing bothering me the most about this article was the author’s use of “G-d”, wherein they purposely did not spell “GOD” in their text. I believe I understand why the author did this. Many social media and other sites perform keyword searches; censoring material before posting. Those sites have the right I suppose. They do not have the right to decide what other people can or cannot see and determine acceptable or not for themselves.

The mere use of the word “God” can sometimes trigger a default censorship algorithm, which means fewer people could read this article and form their independent decisions. Well folks, I stand before you and proclaim that God will be front and center on my website, writing, spoken word, and in my life.

As I prayed on this matter, my thoughts kept taking me back to two things. The first, was Jesus’ words in Mark 12:17 “And Jesus answered and said to them, ‘Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.’” The other is one of my favorite quotes, often attributed to Edmund Burke, an Irish political philosopher and statesman (12 January 1729–9 July 1797). He stated “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”

My response to this godly guidance is not to pick up a protest sign and march on Washington, DC. It is not to craft a sandwich board and stand on street corners declaring Christ’s return is imminent. I have chosen to not remain silent in the face of evil. I will give voice, not to my anger, but to God’s direction for a life of strong moral fiber and Christian values.

By showing God’s light through my life, and speaking out by standing on God’s Word, I become part of the solution instead of the silent majority. Click To Tweet

I pray you reach the decision to Stand Up for Christ in your life as well.

God’s blessings…

14 thoughts on “How Far We’ve Come”

  1. Good morning, JD.

    I join you in this. Silence is apathy, silence is acceptance. God gave us a voice to use for His Kingdom, which He will use for the good of His people.
    This Scripture spoke to me yesterday:
    What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight, what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs (Matthew 10:27).
    I look forward to working right alongside of you, brother.

    1. Amen Ms. Julie. I am wont to scream and yell, which I often do on the rare occasion I catch network news on the television or pick up a newspaper. However, my ranting does nothing more than add to the din of noise that seems to have overtaken society as a whole. Instead, I must be willing to step up and show my Christian values and morals by my actions. If I stand on God’s word, which are God’s promises, then perhaps I can begin to show the world what we are supposed to be. I must stand and fight from the high ground my friend. Am honored to know I never stand alone.

  2. Good morning Jim
    I want my life to echo your way of life and thoughts and actions.
    Let me be the first to tell you that you completely demonstrated Christ through all of our dealings and your help offered me with my Aunt.
    Praying for you and Diane and your family ~ keep on keeping on my brother in Christ

    1. God’s blessings Ms. Lisa. Safe travels home for you and Mr. Keith. I’m not much my friend, just His humble servant who is trying the best I can. What I know for sure, I will not be ashamed to stand before my Maker on that day for failing to stand for Him and what is moral and right in this world any longer.

  3. Amen. May we always be tuned in to the Holy Spirit’s leading and boldly stand firm, speak up, and be the Church.
    It becomes more obvious every day that we were not made for this world —- looking forward.
    Thank you for this encouraging post.

  4. Thank you for this encouragement to declare our faith before man. I do often find myself hating conflict so much I will not speak up. I need to pray for boldness like those early believers in Acts. And sometimes I just think- I can’t change anything – and so I also do not speak up. These did not discourage Jeremiah or Jesus. Lord, give your people boldness. Help us be as gentle as doves, but wise as serpents.

    1. Amen. And thank you for all of your support and encouragement Ms. Jackie. Many of us struggle with applying the fruits of the Spirit in this world. For example, I view my silence on a subject that I disagree with as gentleness (i.e. if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything). When I am silent, those who oppose my view, which I pray is becoming more like Christ’s view with each passing year, views my silence as affirmation (i.e. “see, he can’t even disagree with anything I’ve said”). The result, my silence emboldens that person or group, which is exactly opposite of what I desire. We’ll learn and grow together my friend, in Him.

  5. Excellent and timely message! I agree that it is important not to remain silent; however, there are many ways to “speak.” One of the most important is by our actions. Even if we don’t feel comfortable standing up in a crowd, or preaching on a street corner, or writing a blog, we can show every day, by our actions, that God is at the center of our lives and that we will strive to do our best to live by His guiding hand. Others will see by our actions, what we may not be brave enough to shout out.

    1. Agree completely Ms. Katherine. Often, our actions speak much louder (and ring truer) than our words. While our actions must never betray our words, for me, remaining silent and allowing those who think and believe differently to have the bully pulpit is wrong. I may not shout from the mountaintop too often, but I will no longer give them an increased voice because I chose to remain silent. Thank you so much for your comment and counsel my friend. Both are very much needed and appreciated ma’am.

    1. Yes ma’am. I too will not go gentle into that good night. I will not be silenced by popular opinion. Let us stand for what is right, and moral, and true… God’s word. Thank you for your comments, support, and encouragement.

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