… Wish Upon a Star

“I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things
in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David,
the Bright and Morning Star.”

(Revelation 22:16 NKJV)

Unless you’re an incurable insomniac, work the midnight shift, or are a farmer or rancher, few walk outside in the minutes just before sunrise. After completion of my “God time” each morning, it’s time to walk Archie the dog, prepare feed for the livestock, feed Bubba, and wake the chickens. I’ve grown to love the fact that our home faces the eastern sky. It gives me the opportunity to behold God’s tapestry for each day the moment I walk out the door. Often, I hear (more than see) the livestock waking up in the north pasture.

The thing I love the most about mornings this time of year is the opportunity it gives me to spend a few more minutes with God. On clear mornings, I look high above the trees to see where the sun will be coming up. It’s marked by the morning star. The brightest star in the eastern sky and the last to disappear from sight as the sun rises to begin the day.

Most know this, but the morning star is not a star at all, but the planet Venus. Known as an interior planet, meaning it sits between the sun and earth, Venus is visible as the morning star for only nine out of every nineteen months. Venus serves as the evening star for another nine months and is invisible to the naked eye for one of the nineteen months. When preceding the sun, it is the morning star. Trailing the sun, it becomes the evening star. For many years, it’s served as a navigation aid.

As much as I enjoy the science of astronomy, the morning star holds a special place in the life of this Christian. I view it each day, when visible, spending a few more minutes speaking with my Savior. I know it’s a planetary object, but I recognize that it’s called out in God’s Word. Jesus used the term “Bright and Morning Star” in Revelation 22:16, describing His promise of return to the Apostle John. We see the morning star as a symbol of hope. The Morning Star (Jesus Christ) brings joy into my world each day, whether I can gaze upon this physical reminder or not. While I don’t wish upon it, I do use it as another prompt to spend a few moments with God.

I’m reminded Christ is the source of my joy and how He brings His light into my soul in the same way the morning star brings light into my day. The morning star also helps me to focus on God by reminding me that the dawning of a new day is a new opportunity. With each new day, He gives me the choice to worship, praise, learn from, and glorify Him. Last, it renews my hope in Christ’s return and prompts me to remember that He is my compass as I ask Him to guide my life this day.

Some may see me as a hopeless romantic who holds onto some fantasy of living forever in a Utopian society based on ancient beliefs. I disagree. I see my faith as the anchor my soul needs to transcend this world and reach into the spiritual realm, where my Creator resides. My faith in God, through my belief upon the sacrifice of His Son and my asking Him to be Lord of my life, is not ethereal. It is what brings peace to my soul, reconciliation with my Creator, and hope for my tomorrow.

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The one question I always ask when gazing upon the morning star is, “Are You coming today, Lord?” My conversations often include, “Help me to serve You today and help me to show Your light in this world through my life.” I ask that if He’s not coming back today, to help me reach just one more person with His love. I sometimes pray again for unsaved family members or friends, praying they come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Redeemer.

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Out here in “God’s country”, I find many things in His natural world that remind me that God is all around me, in everything I behold. Have you thought about the things and people God places in your life to remind you to stay connected to Him through faith? In addition to Christian fellowship, an active prayer life, and study of His Word, nature is my biggest prompt. Whether in a cool breeze on a hot day, the lowing of cattle as evening settles upon me, or a beautiful sunrise or sunset, God is always near. I think my faith is what prompts me to look for Him in these things.

Isn’t it funny how we find God in our acts of faith? I would be blind to His presence without my faith. It is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that has opened my spiritual eyes to see Him, talk with Him, and learn from Him in faith. When I think of those who have not yet received the free gift of salvation, my heart aches. What a fearful, dark, foreboding world they must face. Alone and without any real hope.

My prayer for you this week is that you take a few moments to look for that morning star in your life that reminds us where our hope comes from. We can, and should, live in that hope by living beyond this world and the problems we face each day. In the hope of Christ, I know He fills my tomorrow with the light of His love.

God’s blessings,

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  1. Well, I’ll never look at the morning star the same ever again. I enjoy getting up early and sometimes walking on our back deck. Our four acres aren’t wooded, so the sky goes on forever, unlike the city house, framed between hundred-year-old oak trees. Nature is also a beautiful prompt for me too. Your words always draw me a little nearer to our Heavenly Father. Thank you, friend.

    1. Yes ma’am. There’s nothing quite like looking up and gazing unto the heavens when there’s no lights to hide them from our view. Have you ever sat down in a chair (some of us get dizzy otherwise) and put your head back to view the stars, then close your eyes for about thirty seconds? When you reopen them it seems as though God has multiplied the stars in the sky as so many more become visible. Thank you so much for all your encouragement “little country mouse.” Blessings to you and your family ma’am.

  2. Thank you for reminding me He’s always there and His promises are as true as His reminders are placed around us. Kees me looking up! Blessings this day!

    1. You bet Ms. Marjorie. I’m reminded on cloudy days that the sun is still up and shining. I remind myself that even though I can’t see the stars on a cloudy night, they’re still right where God placed them. That’s what our faith is, isn’t it sweet sister?

  3. Well… as shocking as it may seem, I was actually out before the sun came up this morning, Brother, but it was drizzling rain and no stars were visible. That didn’t stop the living God from revealing Himself, though. As you know so well, He’s always using His incredible creation to show us things that help us realize who He is and what He is like. My reminder this morning was a light, very gentle rain that began to fall as I was in the mood to grumble about how uncomfortable it was to be out. The sun wasn’t up, but it was hot and muggy. Then just enough rain began to fall to cool me off and make the uphill parts of my walk less objectionable. I began to think about the times in my life when He has showed up at just the right time with some refreshing reminder that He’s not unaware of how I feel and what I need. That doesn’t mean that we are protected for all discomfort, but that He knows what we’re struggling with and is with us in the battles we face.

    The other thing that loved about your post this morning was that the One we call our Father is more vast and His handiwork more extensive than we can begin to comprehend. Whether we look to the heavens and behold the planets and stars, or delve into the microscopic world of cells and DNA, we are astounded at His power and creative genius. When I’m reminded of that, my heart joins David and the writer of Hebrews who asked, “What is man, that You are mindful of him?” God doesn’t expect or require us to grasp the magnitude of His work. What He wants is for us to recognize that the Creator of it all loves us and is irrevocably committed to our welfare. The One who has proven He can do “exceedingly and abundantly above all we ask or think” is awake and waiting to engage with us every morning.

    God bless you again, my friend, for being a welcome prompt for praising our Father and for the encouragement to see if I can get a glimpse of that morning star before the sun comes up.

    1. Amen my friend. We experienced a half-an-inch of rain the other morning (around 1AM) and I’ll never forget how wonderful it felt to stand on my front walk and let the rain wash over me. God was refreshing my parched soul more than He was refreshing the parched ground. Had a neighbor been coming down the road, they would’ve surely thought, “Well, the old fella finally lost his mind.” In reality, I was finding my joy. God has a way of knowing just when to fill our cups, doesn’t He?

      And yessir, I’m not sure of you’ve ever found yourself in a desert or in the middle of an ocean. When you’re alone and it’s quiet, you begin to feel how insignificant you are, how great God is, and how much He loves you to be standing there beside you as you reflect upon His greatness,

      Thank you so much for your encouraging, invigorating comments brother. God’s blessing to you and your Ms. Diane.

  4. Thank you J. D. I’m not a morning person naturally but I do know the wonder of the morning star. I appreciate these reflections, which point to the Creator and the True Bright and Morning Star. How wonderful to start the day with the mindset, “Will it be today?” Thank you for the challenge.

    1. Thank you Ms. Sylvia. How we start our day, our mindset, makes much more of a difference than even our morning coffee or tea ma’am. Perhaps that’s why it’s so wise to begin our day focusing on God and His Word. God’s blessings ma’am.

    1. How true Ms. Martha. Each morning when we awaken, God gives us the chance to choice how our day will go. Even on difficult days, if I start it with Him, I have the confidence through faith that He’ll see me through it all. Thank you ma’am.

  5. Amen. While reading your message, I am thinking of the peace I find each morning by sharing time with God. I thank God for His mercies and for giving us wonderful creations to enjoy. Stars have always fascinated me. His stars, His creations, His promises. Have a blessed day! 🙂

    1. I hear you Ms. Mimi. My mornings with God are most precious to me. I love the time I spend with family, friends, and with God throughout the day, but there’s something special in starting our day out right my friend. Thank you and God’s blessings.

  6. My favorite time of day, just before dawn. I loved what you wrote, “The Morning Star (Jesus Christ) brings joy into my world each day, whether I can gaze upon this physical reminder or not. While I don’t wish upon it, I do use it as another prompt to spend a few moments with God.” Our Creator sends us reminders of His great love and commitment to us through His creation. By this we know we are never alone, and we are not an accident floating through space and time. God created us for relationships, with Him and with one another. Those moments before dawn set the tone of the day for me. God is God: He has me in His loving hands. Thank you, J.D. We share a common love and a familia blood through Jesus our Lord.

    1. Indeed we do precious sister-in-Christ. As I’ve learned from everyone’s comments, I’m not as alone in seeking God in the early mornings as I thought I was. This knowledge has me wondering, “What does God hear when we are all seeking Him each morning?” Oh, what a wonderful sound that must be, echoing through Heaven. You’ve got me filled with tears of joy my friend. Thank you!

  7. Well, I didn’t know that about the 19-month cycle. I’m usually up early because of my 4-legged alarm clock and see that star through the trees when we go out back sometimes. I love new information. More so, I love new ways the natural world prompts us to see the spiritual. Thanks for giving us another one today.

  8. Thank you for this post. Many years ago, while on active duty in the Navy, my daily schedule involved getting up very early in the morning, before most of the crew stirred. Coffee in hand, I would stand at the deck rail and marvel at the starry skies above me. I was never into the study of stars, but I was a feeble student as the Holy Spirit taught me about my role in God’s grand design. Humbling to be in the middle of an ocean as dawn creeps into the day. Your message today brought back precious memories of those mornings.

    1. It sure is Mr. Craig. I remember landing our helicopter landing on a ship and we got to spend a day or two onboard in the middle of the ocean. I’ll never forget how “small” and “insignificant” I felt in the vastness of God’s universe. Honestly, I see more stars out here in the country than I did from that ship’s deck (too many lights), but the vastness of the ocean was overwhelming to me. God’s blessings to you and Ms. Karen sir, and I’m so glad you enjoyed the post.

  9. I’m an early riser on most days of the week. Although I miss the sleep I lose by rising at 5:00 a.m., I’m so blessed by that quiet time in God’s creation before the sun pops above the horizon. The birds and all creatures, we humans included, await with anticipation the dawning of a new day, a precious gift from our Lord. On those days when I view Venus (the morning star), or the moon, or an amazing sunrise, I’m overwhelmed by our Father’s amazing creation and the fact He allows us to live in this place of beauty. We are so blessed. Thank you for blessing me today with your message.

  10. I’m an early riser on most days of the week. Although I miss the sleep I lose by rising at 5:00 a.m., I’m so blessed by that quiet time in God’s creation before the sun pops above the horizon. The birds and all creatures, we humans included, await with anticipation the dawning of a new day, a precious gift from our Lord. On those days when I view Venus (the morning star), or the moon, or an amazing sunrise, I’m overwhelmed by our Father’s amazing creation and the fact He allows us to live in this place of beauty. We are so blessed. Thank you for blessing me today with your message.

  11. We can see God’s fingerprints on all aspects of nature. Even though the morning star is not a star at all, I appreciate your analogy of the Bright and Morningstar. All God’s creation can remind us of who He us.

  12. As always this made me see the Lord everywhere even more clearly. i see him in my Grandchildrens eyes, in the blooming Rose of Sharon bushes and the hummingbirds hat are always hovering over them. truly if we take time to look we see him everywhere.

  13. Up here in PA, we’ve seen Venus many evenings this summer.

    So glad to hear you’re getting some rain. It’s HOT up here this week, but not as hot as it’s been for you this summer.
    Great message, JD. God appears in ways and times we don’t always expect. God bless!

    1. Thank you Ms. Nancy. And yes, we’ve seen the evening star earlier in the summer. And thank you for the well wishes regarding rain. It had been so long that when that half-inch came in the middle of the night, I actually went outside and danced in it while praising God for it. I think Bubba and Archie (our two dogs) thought I was nuts. LOL

  14. I love this meditation, J. D. I don’t think I would have gotten all this by looking at the morning star, though I know Christ is referred to this way. It’s marvelous to see God’s hand whether in the expanse of the sky or the wildflowers at my feet or the hummingbirds outside my window.

    This is my Father’s world:
    I rest me in the thought
    Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas–
    His hand the wonders wrought.

    Those hands can take care of any need of mine.

    I pray my loved ones who don’t know Him will be prompted to think of Him and seek Him when they see His creation.

  15. The “morning star” will be found in Bible reading for me. We are about to leave on a 2-week Alaskan cruise, and it is due to rain EVERY day! (Wish I could send some to Texas.) So I think I may be reading a lot on this trip – which is fine, because I love to do it. And I can view God’s mightly creation from the ship.
    I’m taking Volumn V of “The Reader’s Bible” (ESV) which covers the Gospels and Acts. I know I will find our “Star” in there.
    Thanks always for directing our eyes and hearts upward (literally and spiritually).

    1. Nice! From your social media posts, it looks like y’all are having some great weather and an enjoyable time my friend. Don’t bring back any polar bears, CA will want to charge you an import fee! 😀 Praying you and Mr. Lynn a restful trip and lots of adventures and memories.

  16. I rise early too and wait for the sunrise as my coffee finishes brewing. It’s a peaceful time and one more reminder of God’s faithfulness with a sunrise. It never fails to appear and neither does He every minute of my day. For those who love His-appearing, a crown awaits but meanwhile as you said, we love and complete our daily assignments.

  17. I loved your post today JD. I really enjoy such private moments with God. What a blessing. Since retiring, I don’t the morning star much but I do see Him in many other such moments. Thank you for your continued encouragement.

    1. I think that’s the most important thing we can do Ms. Yvonne, regardless of the time of day. We must seek God in whatever we’re doing. That closeness has a way of making everything else pale in comparison and importance, doesn’t it?

  18. J. D., Thanks for posting this today. Early morning is when I do my daily Bible study/devotion. My former pastor always stressed giving God the firstfruits of our day. I finally started doing this. It has meant so much to me, giving God my firstfruits. I thoroughly enjoyed your devotion!

    1. I like that thought Ms. Evelyn. We are giving God a firstfruits offering for the day He’s given us when we worship and praise Him in the mornings. Love that perspective ma’am. God’s blessings.

    1. As I gazed upon this morning, I found myself asking God’s blessings upon my sweet friend Ms. Candyce. Knowing that my many friends and readers take a moment to seek God in the heavens each morning is a special blessing for me. Thank you ma’am.

  19. I love to sit outside on our back patio in the morning and listen to the birds (no stars in sight by the time I get outdoors) as I read God’s Word and pray. These quiet times alone with God keep me connected to Him, the One who brings me hope.

  20. Interestingly, I spent some time gazing on that morning star, hanging out over the Atlantic Ocean just a couple of weeks ago. It was stunning.
    From our condo balcony, it captivated my attention. I took a few pictures with my phone, but of course, they’re not very good. I don’t have a fancy camera.
    Thank you for your beautiful description of this special star’s significance and taking me back to those early mornings at the beach.

    1. You bet Ms. Connie. I know you’re an early riser too, and your texts, posts, and an email now and again always deliver such joy and encouragement. I can just picture you now. All alone in the quiet of morning. Standing along the railing, hands raised, saying softly, over and over, “Thank You, Jesus.” What a time of praise that must be.

  21. J.D., this is so beautiful and powerful all at the same time. I loved your descriptive words about the morning star and the relation it has to Christ in our lives, “the bright and morning star.” That makes me want to praise and shout to the Lord. I’ve been mesmorized by the sky and skyline since I was a little girl. Whether it’s stars or sunrise/sunset, I still find the sky fascinating. And like you, it points me to the hope and light of Jesus Christ.

    1. Amen Ms. Karen. All of nature points us to God. It’s when we come to understand that and appreciate the fact that God created all this for man, that we begin to understand the depth of His love for us. God’s blessings to you and Pastor Mike ma’am.

  22. Love this! I learned some astronomy and I am glad to see that I am not the only one who appreciates the pre-dawn sky. What a wonderful time spent with God and His creation!

    1. It sure is Ms. April. Have been thinking of you and your friend “BB the blind ram” this week. As you mourn the loss of your “Blind Baby”, I’ve been praying God soothes your soul and brings precious memories to your mind. I can picture his bell hanging in the Scale House now. God’s blessings sweet friend, and prayers of blessing, peace, and comfort. Please give JW my best as he prepares for his upcoming event. I know you’ll have lots of help from family, friends, and neighbors. And if not, call me and I’ll find a way to lend a hand. Maybe I can send you Mr. John for a month. LOL He’d love that.

  23. Kathy Collard Miller

    I relate totally with your love of the stars and creation. I usually take my walk before the sun dawns and chases the stars away. I’m awed by them and turn my attention to God who is awesome! I love it when God designs a falling star to appear in my view. Again, I’m in awe of a great God who loves to delight His created ones. Sometimes, I think, “Now, Lord, that’s just showing off!”
    Thanks, JD, for sharing with us.

    1. LOL I love that, “okay God, now You’re just showing off.” I can picture Him tossing His head back and roaring with laughter as He delights in the closeness He shares with His precious daughter. Oh, how I look to see the smile on Jesus’ face when His bride arrives.

  24. J.D., I used to look at the sky more. Now tall trees block my view from inside. You’ve made me want to get outside while the stars are out. There is something so peaceful about a night sky. I enjoy seeing God’s handiwork in the play of squirrels and the momma birds feeding their babies.

    1. Oh my, yes Ms. Debbie. Whenever we can escape to nature and just take in all that’s happening around us ma’am. So many folks are so self-absorbed and distracted that they miss the many blessings found in the quiet peacefulness of nature. God’s blessings ma’am. He is a “big God” indeed sweet sister.

  25. You had me at star! I’ve become awakened in my faith by reading about the cosmological argument for creation, detailed in I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (Frank Turek, Norm Geisler). The only way one could not see the face of God in the heavens—and its billions and trillions of individually named stars—is to refuse the obvious. It isn’t for lack of evidence that we can’t experience the Creator. Isn’t it beautiful of the Lord to place Venus in its place to navigate and teach those with eyes to see?
    I would argue that you are a romantic whose hope is held firm by the anchor of Christ and will live forever in a Utopian eternal reality based on ancient Truth scribed by those guided by the Holy Spirit. We will dwell in the house of the Lord and gaze upon his beauty, seeking him in his temple, forever. (Psalm 27:4) Why not start with the morning star? Great post, JD!

    1. Hah! Thanks Ms. Mary, but I think myself anything but a “romantic.” But yes, my hope is firmly anchored to Christ, my Lord sweet friend. How I long for eternity, but I have to remind myself that eternity began upon my regeneration, the moment of true salvation. I’m living that dream now, I just have to remember to claim it each morning. God’s blessings sweet friend.

  26. What a beautiful post about the morning star, J.D. I never knew both the morning and the evening star were Venus! And thank you for your reminder that we have a bright and morning star, Jesus, who is with us every month and every day and night! And the reminder that I can see Him in all the moments of my day in creation and the actions of His people as they serve Him.

    1. Yes ma’am. Am so glad that you enjoyed the post ma’am. And am especially pleased to learn that I shared something that enabled you to learn. Your posts are always teaching me new things. God’s blessings my creative friend.

  27. “In the hope of Christ, I know He fills my tomorrow with the light of His love.” Beautifully expressed, JD. We can smile at the future because He holds the future in His hand. May our hope always be anchored in Jesus, our Lord and Savior. His love is deep and wide and eternal. Amen.

  28. J.D., your post this week is filled with hope. I ache along with you for the ones we who had not yet trusted Christ. From now on, when I see Venus in the morning or evening sky (let’s face it, I’m much more likely to see it in the evening), I will join you in prayer.

    1. Absolutely Ms. Annie. I’ve thought about this and am convinced that upon our coming glorification all those “left behind” will be wiped from our memory so that we won’t mourn their decisions. I’m taking great delight in knowing that when I’m standing before my Lord, morning or evening (more likely 🙂 ), I’ll be joining your angelic voice as we offer up prayers together. Oh, how sweet heaven must sound my friend.

  29. Amen! I do believe this is my favorite post you’ve ever written. Because our Lord Jesus Christ, the bright morning star, is coming for His bride, the church, at the perfect time. And I believe He’s coming soon! Thank you for sharing this truth along with a reminder to pray for those who don’t know Christ as their personal Savior. And thank you for your heart to keep touching lives for Christ until He returns. May God bless you in mighty ways as He uses your words and actions for His glory.

    1. Thank you Ms. Emily. I’m humbled by your kind words ma’am. I pray those same blessings upon you, Mr. Mark, and your entire family. What a celebration it will be when God reveals all the lives that you touched, planting the seeds of faith they needed to heed God’s call.

  30. When my dog was alive, I often saw the early morning sky before the sun came up because I would take her out first thing in the morning. There was something very special about the quiet of the morning. Looking up at the sky seemed a natural response to the quiet wonder I felt out there. I think it’s fitting that God’s creation speaks to us of His majesty, power, and holiness. We too are his creation called to reflect those things and more. Blessings, JD.

    1. Great point Ms. Terri. We too are God’s creation and we too must be willing to show His glory to the world. We must be about God’s work in all that we do my friend. Thank you so much for this great reminder.

  31. As you probably know, I’m a night owl person and not an early riser like you. Nonetheless, I like to hear the whisper of God late at night when the tv is off, my husband and dogs have gone to bed, and the lights are out. While the morning star is beautiful, so is the moon along with its chorus of twinkling stars. I could see God in the eyes of my sweet red and white Irish setter as he licked my hand. I was reminded by God that He needed me in Honduras as I somewhat begrudgingly prepared gift donations for my upcoming mission trip. I was thankful to the One who gave me sight when I opened my eyes this morning under the warmth of the covers as I lay in bed. And I knew who to appeal to for guidance and healing for the uncomfortable twinge in my shoulder I felt throughout the day. I heard God in the voice of my sweet mother as she answered the phone excited to hear from me. Oh, you are ever so right. God is everywhere if we just look for Him. Hallelujah! How wonderful to experience Him as you survey your precious land and its creatures.

    1. I too love the peacefulness found in our quiet reflections with God. Whenever, wherever, He is always there with us. God’s blessings sweet sister-in-Christ. And I’m so glad you are safely home.

  32. J, D., thank you for this beautiful post. I’ve enjoyed joining you this summer on your ranch via your FB posts and can now see you standing in the early AM watching the morning star. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your heart. I’m often overwhelmed at the number of souls on this planet, the enormous needs and plans and hopes and dreams of people–and I remind myself only God can see us all and handle all our needs. You live such a different life from me…a country girl at heart always living in the suburb of a big city. Your words are powerful and your love for our Lord and desire to be used by Him remind me He has many voices around the globe speaking for Him, partly because He knows the needs of all the billions of souls living here. He knows the believer who needs to be challenged or encouraged, and He knows the seeker who doesn’t yet know His Creator but needs someone to love him or her a little closer to the Lord of love. And He knows which of His children, with the personality and abilities and gifts He has given, will be the one who needs to speak to that one particular soul. Thank you for being one of those voices whom God uses to bless. And for reminding me tonight to be attentive to everything our Father wants to use to draw me closer to Him.

    1. Thank you Ms. Carolyn. As you picture me standing there tomorrow morning (I’ll be the one in bib overalls and a ball cap), listen closely as I petition God to shower His love upon you my friend. And thank you for your steadfast support this summer. You’ve brought a big ole smile to my face with your kindness ma’am. God’s blessings.

  33. J.D., thanks for this uplifting post. If I knew about Venus being the Morning Star, I’d forgotten about it.
    This part of your post especially resonates with me today since I just shared similar thoughts with someone who is struggling to find peace:
    “My faith in God, through my belief upon the sacrifice of His Son and my asking Him to be Lord of my life, is not ethereal. It is what brings peace to my soul, reconciliation with my Creator, and hope for my tomorrow.”
    Keep writing and sharing His truth, J.D.

    1. Thank you Ms. Sally. So pleased that you enjoyed the post ma’am. I’m also glad to know that we’ll be standing together in worship and praise of the One True King, Jesus Christ one day soon.

  34. The morning star you and others enjoy may not be visible every month, but isn’t it glorious to know we know the Creator of it? Amen to this poignant and impactful post, JD! Keep looking for the star and praying for those who don’t yet know who made it. I’ll do the same!

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